Adventures thru shaving

Hello world

Well not that I ever expect much to come of this blog or any one to follow it, but I wanted to share my new shaving experience with the world.

Recently thru some tragic modern shaving events I have decided to go back to the roots of shaving, Straight Razor style.

I have currently been under the influence of straight razor shaving for 4 shaves now.  To of which have gone thru good and bad thus far.  I will share my first experiences with you now.  I will publish them individualy so as to keep things in order.

To begin I will thank my significant other, ladybug, with credit to my new addiction.  Any thing I set my mind to I pretty much become compulsive about, and thus now that has fallen on straight razor wet shaving.  All it took was a single idea that she planted in my head and off I went head first with no idea of what I was doing.  So now with a few nicks later, I will say with pride, that I am glad she planted this idea in my head.

For further referance, I am BG and my significant other is ladybug, and our little bug with be, little bug.  So now that the formalities are over, I will spell out what to expect of this blog.

This blog will, of course, cover my adventures thru shaving, God, family, possible current event hear and there, and of course any random thought that might pop into my mind.

So dont be afraid, not every post will be this long, or short how ever you look at it.  I hope you enjoy.



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