Shave 2, the comeback

Well at it again,

Trying to cut off some extremity again tonight.  I had a better time in round 2 and the debocle of the first shave.

Prep, I spent some more time on actually trying to get a lather, not just some bubbles in the cup.  So after some advice, I took a shower to lose up the old whiskers and started in on the soap.  I love the feel of a badger brush on my face.  Nothing like it, defiantly something all guys should try.  By the way, to find out some more on all this straight razor shaving stuff, head over to, .  This is where I get all my help and add to my new found addiction.

So after the prep I started to strop my razor.  Did this the first time shaving, just forgot to mention it.  For those who dont know what a strop is, if you ever see in the movies a guy taking a razor and swiping it on a strip of leather to sharpen it, that is a strop.  So I stroped for the second time.

The shave, better, but still a bleeder.  It went ok tonight, better than last time.  Didnt loose any body parts.  My face was still a little raw and didnt get all the hair off my face either.  I was told that there is a learning curve so I am still hopefull.

Old spice, nothing like it.  Well to cool off the face I splashed on some old spice and felt the burn.  Also guys, to stop bleeding if you cut your face, get something called a styptic pencil.  It stings but stops the bleeding and helps with not leaving a mark on your face.

Well that was shave take2, stand by for more.



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