Shave 3, not so pretty

Well lets just say Im am no pro and who ever said third times a charm should be punched in the mouth.  Not a fun time tonight lets just say.

The prep, rushed this along and got more bubbly water than lather.  But after a shower I thought it would be just fine.  Not so much, it actually didn’t feel that comfortable applying it.  Felt more like a real badger putting it on my face rather than the brush I was holding.

The shave, Edward scissor hands would do better.  Lets just say that smooth as a babies but I was not.  I think my stropping is off and not sure if I have dulled the blade.  Hopefully I will do better next time.  I think my whiskers literally laughed as the razor just past by them.  By area around my mouth was another story.  Looked like I has lite a match to my face it was so red.  I am thinking angle is a key factor in holding the blade, will work on that next time.

After, feel the burn.  I think I am going to have to take stock in styptic pencils at this rate.  Needless to say it stung and the old spice definitely spiced up my life.  Took a while for the burning to stop.

So hopefully tomorrow will be better.



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