Shave, take 1

Ok, on to the good stuff,

This will cover my first order and shaving experience.

With the seeded idea firmly planted in my head I started in on research and found out, wow there is actualy alot to shaving that we have never heard about.

If one is strictly, say, a Mach3 type user, pay attention to what I have to say about prep.  It is all in the preparation of a shave that makes it enjoyable, yes I actually said shaving can be enjoyable.

I am by no means and expert on shaving, other than i have been doing the mundane task since I was a young pup.  But since the world of straight razors, I feel like I am shaving for the first time again.

So back to ordering.  I found my favorite site thus far for shaving supplies to be .  They have every thing from straight razors to the soaps needed to shave.  My favorite part of this site that appield to me was the package deals, and the deal of the month.  Cant beat 25% off if you are first starting off.  So I ordered my first straight razor and supplies to go with.

The razor, a Dovo “Prima Klang” Violet 5/8.  It is a beautiful razor if I say so myself.  From the classic design of a single blade, to the gold lettering on the blade, to the wood handle.  I could almost stare at it all day in wonder and anticipation the first day I got it.  But that would be weird, so instead of staring I started to put it to good use.

Prep, pay attention hear.  My prep sucked the first day.  Screw the fact that I could cut my nose clean off, I wanted to get shaving.  So I took my fancy new supplies and went to work.  Lathered up the soap, warmed it up and spread it on.  Then I splashed some water on my face and started shaving.  The blade did make me nervous at first, plus I had just got done watching Sweeny Todd, so that didnt help.

The shave.  I placed the razor to my face and started to move it down my face.  The sound of the blade cutting off the hairs was like nothing I ever heard before.  It was great.  So I figured, why not move on to the rest of my face, the cheek wasn’t that bad.  Wrong, dont do that.  I had nicks and cuts all over my face.  I have a nice little x mark on my right cheek to bear witness to my hastiness.  With a straight razor, take your time.  It will do some damage if not respected, my face now has respect.

The after shave, Old Spice baby.  Needless to say I do not look anything like the guy on the old spice commercials, but I do smell like him now.  Ok, a bit cheesy.  But I do have to say that smell is pretty good, and ladybug loves it too.

So other than a couple battle wounds, the first shave was fun.  My face burned, I had blood running down my face, and my manhood was beaming.  So I will say all in all, worth it.  As they say, its only a flesh wound.



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