The ladybug and the little bug

Well time to introduce the family.

My better half, the Ladybug, and my small portion, the Little Bug.  Both are my world, I could not imagine living with out them.  Though I do enjoy a good break now and then when the Little Bug decides to turn into a stink bug now and again.  He love to entertain and also drive both me and the ladybug buggy.  He is a spit fire and a lover all in the same package.  So to say, a spitting fire love bug.

My ladybug is my one and only.  We met at school and have been goners for each other since.  We have been married for a multiple year mark now and even though I drive her a little buggy sometimes, she still is my bed bug every night.

So that is a short and brief introduction to my little family, hope you enjoyed.



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