Victory over Defeat, shave 4

Today was much much much much better.

Time is of the essence and the essence is slow.  Taking my time is not a strong suit of mine, in fact I like to do almost every thing as fast as possible.  Gets me into trouble from time to time.

The prep.  Rinse lather repeat.  Took a shower, but before I did I got a nice thick lather in the old cup.  After drying off, minus my face, I re did the lather.  Nice and thick.  Squeezed all the lather out of the brush and then applied it to my face.  Ah, did it so i didn’t feel the bristle of the brush so much and it helped.  My face didnt get so angry with me.  Didnt feel like the actual badger was present that they cut the hair off of.

The shave.  Stretch before exercising.  Well i was told and saw on videos to stretch the skin of your face properly when shaving, was doing this but not extensively.  Worked on it tonight and must say I got a closer shave and even the chin area wasnt that bad once I finished.  So now I fully believe in stretching.  I worked on blade angle as well, seemed to help to have less angle of attack.

A note on stropping.  I strop every day just to get the practice in.  Had a guy over on the forum tell me to try to use the canvas side of my strop as well as the leather side.  Tried it out and it seemed like the blade was sharper tonight.

After shave, still light burning on my lips, but much improved.  Bleeding is still a factor but that will go away I figure when I dont have any left to give, or with better technique.  The old spice was nice to me tonight.  Still burned, but not bad.

So things are looking up for me and my Razor.  Think I will still keep going, hopefully the next shave is better.



One comment on “Victory over Defeat, shave 4

  1. michael says:

    You are hillarious! Didn’t realize you were such a comedian!

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