The strop stops hear

Well on to a tougher topic,

Leather and canvas, about as tough as you want to get in shaving.  If you have been following along on my post about shaving I mention a strop a lot.  Well I am about to give you a glimpse into the leathery world of shaving.  For those of you with a mind like my ladybug, this is not a whip.  Nor is it used as such, she has such an odd sense of humor some times.

So without further adieu, the strop

You gently but firmly move the razor back and forth on the canvas and then the leather numerous times.  This both cleans and maintains the edge of a straight razor.  Needless to say I will probably be needing a replacement soon since I have put a few nicks in mine.  Ooops.  Beginners luck I guess.



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