Being Manly Men

Hi all again,

This is yet another topic that doesn’t have much to do with anything when it comes to shaving.  I have been on a mission as of late to effect both my self and other men around me.

I have a link to the left that you may notice, the Art of Manliness.  This is basically the overarching goal of what I am trying to accomplish in my new-found mission.  In current popular culture between out of control feminism to metro sexual men, one starts to wonder where all the men have gone.  I am not here to talk down or to admonish these new trends, I am here to help raise up the guys that this trend has affected.

The recovery process is going to be long and most likely a bit painful.  There will be backlash and there will be naysayers.  I believe that a call to manhood is needed and here is why.  We have children that are fatherless, we have wives who wish they knew who the man they married went.  We have a culture out of control with superficial wants and needs that do not help anyone, even themselves.

So what I am posing is a reintroduction to our manhood, putting what God gave us, back to work.  I am not talking about a backlash.  Backlash’s do nothing but swing one negative to another negative extreme.  What I am talking about is a renewing of the man.  We need to be leaders again, we need to be the pillar again.  To many choose to sit wayside and let life pass them by.  This does nothing but emasculate a man since he feels like he has no purpose.

If you were raised or told as a young boy that you should be nice, mind your p’s and q’s, don’t make waves, get in tune with your feminine side, I say then you need to look at what the end result was.  Did it end up in weak living, letting others use you as a door mat, being a yes man?  If so, I am not trying to call you out, Im trying to identify the problem.  It hurts families, it hurts you at work, and it hurts you where it counts, your self-worth.

Look into the mirror, do you like what you see?  Is there room for improvement, always trying to better yourself?  If no, I think then you are a rare commodity and should start selling your dna to help create other strong confident men.

I am a self confused nice guy, and I wanted a change.  I am on that journey to change and taking action in my life.  I am looking for anything at this point that will build me up as a man.  God is my first place I turn, then building my skills, becoming more self-dependent in a world filled with dependence on others.  I am not talking about becoming a hermit, but if the auto shop closes its doors, I want to know how to fix my car.  If the store starts running out of what I use, how do I make it, or what products can I buy that will last a life time with proper care?  There is a certain pride and feeling built up when you work with your hands and fix or create something with them.

I look to push my self out of my comfort zone, not perfect about it, but I try.  Take a look at the Art of Manliness site, .  Take there 30 day be a better man challenge, .  It is not a solution, but it is a great start.

I am by no means an expert, just a guy with a few ideas.  I hold no degrees in any areas that I talk about, just some one aware of his surroundings and current trends.  Come on and tell me that you havent seen the effects of an emasculated man in your life.  It is careless and reckless to let these men, one be in charge, and two left to their own means without help.  We need to stand up for others and let what God gave us put to good use.

Dont be afraid to be a man, be afraid of what a lack of self worth can do to your life.



One comment on “Being Manly Men

  1. Atiq says:

    Hi, I landed up here through RMRS blog. I find this article interesting and encouraging because nowadays I am also trying to change my life. I know I know, the recovery from THE WUSSVILLE, in which I have been living for last several years, is not going to be easy but I am developing myself day-by-day. I have a problem in setting up my diet, do you know any blog or link that would be helpful? I have to loose few pounds of my belly fat. I hate it but I am definitely going to do something about it.

    AZ from Florida

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