No More Christian Nice Guy: When Being Nice–Instead of Good–Hurts Men, Women and Children

Alright guys, hear is the book that I can pretty much credit all this life changing man hood stuff to.  This one started it all.

This book is christian based, but boy will it sock you in the gut even if you aren’t.  It is the one that made me look at my limp life and realize, I was hurting myself, my family, and others around me by not standing up and being a Good Man instead of a Nice Guy.

I was not doing so bad in life at this point when I came to this book.  Things were ok, but just that, ok.  There was no fire, no drive, no excitement.  I wanted a change, but didn’t know what.  Well this book defiantly light a fire under my butt.  I highly recommend this one for all.  See the amazon review below for more info.


From Amazon:

Product Description

“Recovering nice guy” Paul Coughlin points the way for all men who yearn to live a life of boldness and conviction–like Jesus. Using humorous examples from his own life, powerful and poignant stories, and vivid examples from contemporary culture, Coughlin shows how he learned to say no to the “nice guy” syndrome. After all, Christian nice guys aren’t always so nice. In the name of appearing Christian by being agreeable, they can lie, keep secrets, manipulate, duck responsibility, and much more. Using the biblical model of Christ as his example of a real man, Coughlin shows men how to become both gentle and bold. A powerful challenge and a hopeful message that elevates the true biblical model of manhood above prevailing views in the church and contemporary culture, this important book helps men discover who they are in Christ and how to live for Him.

About the Author

PAUL COUGHLIN hosts a radio talk show on KDOV in southern Oregon and is the author of Married…But Not Engaged, which he co-authored with his wife, Sandy. Paul has been interviewed by C-SPAN, The New York Times, and numerous radio and television stations across the country. His articles have appeared in many publications, including New Man, Faithworks, and Ministries Today. He has also been editor of a weekly newspaper and a radio station program director. A former Christian Nice Guy, Paul is a happily married father. The Coughlins live in Medford, Oregon.


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