Old school Prep, meet New School Razor.

Well this morning I was at work and with out my straight razor.  Not yet ready to take it on overnight stays.  But what I did take with me greatly improved my morning shaving while away from home.

For those of you who just don’t feel up to straight razor shaving or even a double edge razor, and just want to stick with your current razor but want a better more enjoyable shaving experience?  Well stop using that junk that comes in a can and pick up some shaving soap and a shaving brush.

I have a metal canister I picked up on eBay that holds my shaving soap and travel boars hair shaving brush, again I take it that no boars were hurt in the creation of this brush, just some possible embarrassment on the boars part.  The metal container came with some generic sandalwood soap, so am using that for now.  I added a tad bit of water to the soap, lathered up and spread it on.

The shave was much smoother, relaxing, and personally I think got closer than I have ever got with the caned stuff that you just apply with your hand.  So in a pinch, or just looking for a more enjoyable way to shave with a new school razor, take it from the Shaver, get some soap and a brush.  Your face will thank you.



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