Shave 5, no hair on my chiny chin chin.

Well folks the verdict is finally in,

I’m officially hooked to straight razors now.  Before it was more of that first love feeling, your emotions and hormones get all mixed up and you think you will be with that special razor for the rest of your life.  Then they cut you and you start to regret possibly entering such a relationship with some one you really didn’t know.  Well tonight was the turn around date.  The stars aligned, the moon was out, and things were all hot and steamy in the bathroom.  Nothing quite like it.  I think I am ready to make this a long-term commitment, and who said men can’t commit.

The first thing I noticed was after much practice with my fury friend I was able to get one heck of a lather out of the soap tonight.  It was huge tonight, I just couldn’t control the lather so much was emanating from the mug.  It was the softest and most luxurious lather to date.  So after that pleasant experience I started applying it to my face after a nice hot shower.  Wow, I barely felt the bristles, it felt quite pleasant.

After the lather was in place I started in with the Dovo.  I figured something out with my grip, it is a standard grip, three fingers on top, thumb on bottom.  Tonight I moved the scales, the covering over the razor when closed, so that it wedged my thumb between the scales and the tang, the rear of the razor.  This both provided better leverage and a more solid grip to my hand.

The actual shave was nice, the razor just glided over my face.  With only a couple of spots of pulling, I backed off when it pulled.  That resulted in just one or two nicks.  The bleeding is minimal now so I should either be worried that my blood supply is low or be excited that my technique is improving.  The chin was the piece de resistance.  Mind my french, googled it.  My chin turned out smooth, not as a baby’s bottom, but smooth enough to be good for work.

There is defiantly a difference between my dominant hand and my left hand, if you didn’t get that the right is my strong hand.  The left side to three times to get it smooth, figure with time that will get better and faster.  Read on the forum the other day to probably not do more than 3 over any given area.  So it turned out ok.

For my next step I am off to different strokes.  No not a lifestyle change, different shaving strokes.  All this time I have been going with the grain, north to south on my face.  I think I am going to try out against and across the grain next time on my neck and chin to try to attain a baby butt smooth feeling.

Until next time, I can’t wait till the next shave.


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