Shave 6. Going ATG, balms away.

Well here we are again talking about my shaving habit,

Today I decided it would be an intelligent decision to go ahead and throw something new in the mix since I was feeling all sorts confident over my last shave.  Lets just say, two steps forward, one step back applies here.  I went across the grain tonight, and I tell you there is defiantly something to be said for going the unpopular route with your whiskers.

So I started out with the shaving ritual, get out the equipment, take a shower, wipe off the steamy mirror and start-up a lather.  I switched out my soap today with my travel soap since it fits better in the mug.  So another small adjustment to the mix with every thing else tonight.  I started with my normal strokes, got all done with only a minor nick.  I was feeling like I was mastering this fine art, who says this can take a while to get down, I’m the Super Shaver.  Well I soon got knocked down off my high horse I was riding.

I relathered and started in on across the grain.  I will say this, my face did get a closer shave in some areas, others, well, I still need to practice.  I was doing ok on the neck, but then the protrusion known as my chin got in the way.  Plus my face just seemed to soak up all the moisture so my razor didnt glide over my face as well tonight.  At any rate, I did get a closer, although not to comfortable, shave on my chin and upper lip.  Didnt too too much work on my chin and neck, just wanted to try out this new stroke.  Not to worry folks, I have discovered that my blood is still pumping and I have lots of it.  My lip holds as evidence to such claims.  Stypen pencil to the rescue, feel the burn.

After the assault on my face I washed up and applied a new product I pickup up due to my face being so dry.  I read about it on the forum, my source of shaving knowledge.  It is called balm, this particular one made by Nivia, for men.  It is kind of like a lotion, kind of like an aftershave.  A mutt basics of the shaving world.  It was nice, not greasy in the slightest, did sting a big though.  So my face does feel a little better with the balm rather than using a liquid aftershave, at least for winter time.

Not much else to report, so till next time.  Cant wait till the next shave.



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