Shave 7, Turkey shave

Hi all,

Well this shave was honored by not only my face being diced up by a very sharp device, a turkey had the same fate.  Thanksgiving is a time of thanks, and I am very thankful for all that I have and have been given.  It is not too often that we all get to slow down and enjoy life.  So on this thanksgiving I continued with the theme of slowing down and broke out the razor for another shot at the perfect shave.

Today was still far from a perfect shave though, even with some more improvement.  I have pretty much got down how to shave to achieve an ok shave on my face.  It may not be as close as I can get with my mach3 still, but every shave I notice more of my face getting smoother.  So improvement is definitely taking place.

Today I thought I would give across, xtg, the grain a shot.  It went better than atg went, less blood flow with xtg.  XTG consists of holding, for the most part, the razor straight up and down and shaving from east to west, or vise versa, on your face.  It is yet another angle of attack that helps cut down the hair closer to your skin.  Stretching was a bit interesting to figure out around the neck and mouth, but I don’t think I will be doing this one again on my lip.  The styptic pencil got a lot of use today, might need a new one by christmas at this rate.  I will say that some rough patches that I have been having on my neck and cheek area were smoother after shaving xtg.  So this is yet another tool I will use in my arsenal of achieving the ultimate shave.

On a side note, my face turned out much better than the turkey’s.  Do turkeys have faces?  At any rate, it was an excellent meal prepared by ladybug and nice to spend time with her and little bug all day.

Until next time, can’t wait till the next shave.



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