A relfection on my first week in shaving

Hello again,

Well I am giving the old face a break and allowing some blood to flow through my veins in my face, instead of out of my face.  So here is a short recap from shave one to the turkey shave.

From the beginning I have been sort of like a giddy school girl, in the manliest sense, over shaving with a straight razor.  It has a kind of mystic to it.  For over hundreds of years men of both power, influence, creativity, love, passion and every one else, has shaven with some sort of steel.  Most with straight razors until the 20th century and the advent of safety razors.  I was a safety follower of multi bladed face scrapers for years.  Still have to use it as back up for now.  But I will now proudly say I am a convert to straight razorism.  It has improved, even with the many cuts, my face noticeably thus far.  I have less ingrown hairs, pimples, and irritation.

As a warning to those who might think about diving in head first with out first making sure water is in the glass, please read.  Do not, I repeat, do not think this is for the faint of heart.  You will get frustrated, ticked off and want to throw the razor thru the wall.  With how sharp it is it will probably make it all the way to your neighbor’s house if you do so.  But if you are a really tough, determined, testosterone filled, love a challenge, never give up type, DO IT!  For all others, well safe things never hurt any one, never got you a date either.

So in recap, straight razors Rock!  Our grandfathers and more likely our great grandfathers had it right.  Straight is the way to be.  I have also noticed a more daring type attitude about my self.  I feel like racing the grany thru the walmart to beat her to the front of the line, or feel like running that extra few steps to get the last styptic pencil at the local Walgreen.  Who knows, I might take up jumping out of a hot air balloon from space next with all this extra testosterone floating around.

In all seriousness I do feel better about myself after every shave.  Very rewarding feeling like I am accomplishing something more and more each time.  I feel a connection with my forefathers and more relaxed after a nice shave.  So if you are game, take the plunge and dont look back.  If you do you might cut your self.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next shave.



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