Some battle Damage, Shave 8.

Well I have some sad news to report today,

My trusty friend encountered some slight battle damage from the sink today.  I was trying a new method out for warming up the shaving mug with the later in it.  I do not recommend having both your shaving mug in the same sink that you are rinsing your razor off with.  I hit the bottom of the sink with the tip of the sharp edge and now I have to send it off to get fixed since I dont know how to hone yet.  Also my strop looks like a small animal attacked it with scrape marks all over it now.  So time for a new strop as well, oh darn I just have to get more shaving equipment, for shame.

Well onto the actual shave.  Aside from some minor cost in repairs to equipment, my shaving experience today was phenomenal.  I have to say the skills are getting honed in.  I do have to say, even though I wont do it again, that having my mug in warm water made the lather much better feeling, nice and warm.

Started out standard old wtg, then xtg, and slight atg today.  With a mix of all these strokes I actually got my face, even my chin, whisker free.  This was even not shaving for about four days.  Mind you it was like cutting down a small forest, it was still great.  My whiskers must be made of steel as well, I had to stop and strop for each side of my face.  It was strop numero dose that I discovered my nick in the blade.

So I will say, I feel really good about my face today.  Not that I had reason to doubt my face to begin with.  It doesn’t hurt hardly at all, although it might still break a camera or two.  And I only had to stop some minor bleeding on the ching from trying to perfect my shaving in that area.

Farewell my friend for a bit till we meet again after your make over.  I will miss you.  I might cheat on my razor and just pick up another one while it is out to the shop.  Who knows where this little affair might lead.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next shave.


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