Razor Affair

Ok so cheated on my other razor,

I took an icy plunge into buying my now second razor.  I got the Dovo Black Micarta inox 5/8″.  It looks like a zebra, so sexy, so cool.  I say cool in the sence of ice-cold, it is actually ice tempered.  It is nothing short of ice-cold stainless loveliness.  Yes I know I am a bit obsessed, if you couldn’t tell by the rest of my blog.

Also to compliment my new razor purchase I picked up some replacement leather for my strop since my old razor scraped it to death.  Another addition to this little sharp family will be my paddle strop, used for travel.

So I am now longing for two razors, but personally I can’t wait for my striped delight to show up to test out its lovely curves.  We will see if this one is quick to cut me to the core, or pamper me lovingly.

I know sit in anticipation for my first love to get fixed, and my little affair to show up in the mail.  I tell you what, staightrazordesign.com is getting a lot of my money lately.  This straight shave stuff better pay off, other wise they are getting cut off.

Till next time, I definitely can’t wait till the next shave.



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