Shave and a Haircut, Bday.

Well ladybug did it again,

She gave me another stupendous birthday.  Todays birthday I must say was a cut above, literally.  Ladybug got me a gift certificate for a place called Jake’s Place in Norfolk.  I must say if you are ever in the area and want a great hair cut and a relaxing shave, they are pretty sharp.

Let me at first back up to the morning time of this special holiday celebrating my birth.  I will first thank my infernal internal clock for getting me up at 6am in preparation for work.  This would have been much appreciated as I do not like to wake up by an alarm clock, but I had the day off.  apparently my internal clock didn’t get the memo and was ready to clock in early.

So I patiently waited and made just enough noise to stir the bug in my bed so that I might have a whack at the birthday presents under our christmas tree we set up.  Get some good use out of that tree since it cost enough.  So after some lite stirring she arose in a much gracious manner to accommodate my opening needs.  To my pleasant surprise I was gifted the certificate for Jake’s, a new patriots Bible I have been eyeing for some time, and a generous certificate for the book store to curb my reading addiction as well.

After my first round of gift happenings it was on to what the parents had sent along.  My mother and father blessed me with some funding to help curb the expense of my new razor I purchased, thank you Mom and Dad.  My in-laws were tricky this year, they snuck in some gifts for little bug throwing off my gift detecting radar.  I was pleasantly surprised with a REI jacket that fits like a glove.  So with a new razor on the way and my new jacket I will be looking quite dapper with the help of both of my awesome parents.

Ok now on to the good stuff, Jake’s Place.  So ladybug said she was going to drop me off and come and pick me up after I was done.  I thought this odd as I figured they could watch, until I found out this was a guy only zone.  This is a male only, for lack of a better word, spa.  You go in the door and they offer you complimentary drinks, for the beer drinkers in the room they have that too.  The place is a leather and hardwood dream.  It even just smells like a place were guys would hang out and shoot the breeze.  So armed with this pleasant non saloon feel, I was ready to get things going.

The haircut portion was nice.  The gal that did my hair used mainly scissors for the entire time, havent had an actually scissor cut in a long time, turned out nice.  Conversation was that awkward first time when some one new cuts your hair, “so what do you do” pause “where do you live” more pausing…….  Once we got on to a topic we found common ground on the rest of the time was great.  So now that the top of my head is in a nice looking shape it was time to tackle the steely hairs on my face.

I am glad for one that I am not the only one who goes thru razors on my face.  When she started in on my shave she said I have very corse whiskers.  So I guess I will just have to live with the fact that along with my personality, my hair on my face can be quite difficult.  She didn’t in fact use a straight razor as I was kind of hoping for.  But what she did use worked just as well.  It looked like a straight razor but had a double edge blade as the shaving surface, what I can find it is known as a safety razor.  Apparently you have to see Jake to get the actual straight razor shave since he is the only one with a Barbers license not just a beautician license.  Any way, before the towel treatment she put on some preshave oil on my face that had some mint or something in it that not only felt great on my face but opened up my airways as well.  Then she placed the first heavenly hot towel on my face, I could have just fallen asleep.

After the towels she started to lather me up.  She used a cream by Crew that I might look into.  My face did dry out during or after the shave with this particular cream.  The razor just glided over my face like a dream.  Both with and against the grain was a pleasant experience.  I just can’t put it to words what it feels like when some one else shaves your face, well if they know what they are doing.  No irritation, no cuts, no pain.  Awesome!  After the shave, back to a round of hot towels, then one very cold one, she warned me, but it was still cold.

Once the shaving was all done she shaped up the back of my neck with the razor.  Then shampooed my hair, another experience I love every time.  Then alas, parting is such sweet sorrow, it was over.  But wait, not quite yet.  In talking I explained that this was all a gift from my wife from my Bday.  So she said she would do something special for my on this day.  What she did was probably more beneficial for my wife than me, she waxed my eyebrows.  Yes I said she wax them.  Let me preface with this, you ever met one of those old men that had really gangly bushy eyebrows that just look like they could leap out and grab you.  I am fortunate enough to have those exact brows.  I try to keep them under wraps but it just doesn’t happen very well.  So she trimmed them with the scissors and then proceeded with the waxing.

I must say, I have a new respect for you woman folk for pain.  It is like pulling off a band-aid times 10.  It isnt past manageable pain, but I could only imagine what that would feel like in more sensitive areas.  But I must say, I have normal looking brows for now.  We will see in a month once they grow back how they look.  At least my wife appreciated the gals hard work on them at least.  Personally, as long and I keep them looking like two separate brows instead of one, im happy.  But that doesnt really impress the lady of the house.  Nothing like a good-looking brow to get her wings buzzing.

So if you are ever wanting a little pampering, look up Jake’s Place in Norfolk.  They will hook you up.  A bit pricey, but for what you get it aint bad.  Better than a walmart haircut any day of the week.

As for the rest of my day it was great, nothing like spending a fun time with the fam.  Thanks again ladybug and little bug for a great Bday.

So till next time, cant wait for the next shave.


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