Shave 10, The Hunt Continues

Well I am still on hot pursuit of that perfect shave,

I tell you what, it isnt as easy as the youtube videos show.  It aint just pickup a hunk of metal and off you go, didnt think it would be that way either.  My skills are at a plateau at this point.  So I am at base camp trying to reach that razor edge summit.  It is sort of disheartening, but not really, just a little down about my progress I guess.  I pride myself on being a fast learning, so when it feels like an ice age to get something down, I get a little blue.

Not to worry, a cookie or two should have the old blood sugar up, must be do to all the blood loss, and my mood in a much warmer end of the spectrum of moods.  Now to figure out were ladybug stores all the cookies around this place could be a feat in and of itself, but im up for the challenge.  Cupboards look out, the shaver is hungry.  Hope she doesnt think a bear attacked, because that is probably what the kitchen will end up looking like when im thru.

As for the shave.  I just can’t figure out my angles.  They can range from 0 to 30 degrees off your face to achieve desired baby smooth feeling.  But I constantly get irritation and a slight dragging feeling, even after getting this new razor.  I try stretching out the skin like a drum, have you ever tried stretching a pudgy cheek, its like trying to make whale blubber tight, it doesnt always work.  Maybe a diet is in order to make shaving easier, that will be my excuse at any rate.

I got my face decent, but still feel like I lost some ground from shave 7.  It was such a good shave until I had to go and hit the blade on the darn sink.  Sunk that experience.  Oh well, I will get it figured out.  I think I need a shaving mentor of sorts.  Some one to meet with and either watch them shave or have them watch me shave and point out what the heck im doing to make my face so made and still leaving whiskers behind.  Any takers?

I guess I will just keep trying, was hoping to be strictly straight shaving by now, but the old shick is bound to get some use still, wont go without a fight I guess.  So maybe in the next week or so things will turn around.  That would be a great christmas present, finally getting shaving down that is.

Well till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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