Shave 9, Cold Blooded Razor

Well I received my second razor today and quickly put it to good use,

I put it to use at any rate, dont know how good it was.  Judging by all the blood I had left over I lost some of my technique in the past week with out a razor.  So I will dubbed this razor the Cold Blooded Razor due to it being ice tempered, and boy does it have a temper.  It looked like a war had broken out on my face and I was the loosing end.  The sink was having more and more of a light hue of red every time I rinsed my razor.  Even my fingers didnt escape unscathed.  I was switching grips and the end of the razor dug into my index finger, it was sharp enough that I didnt even feel it cut me, just noticed the blood starting to trickle from the wound.

As for the actual mechanics of the shave it wasnt too bad.  This new razor, the Dovo Black Micarta, seemed to slice thru the old iron whiskers with ease.  No dragging over my ching areas either, except where I had bad blade angle.  It didnt even mind shaving off anything else that protruded off my face either.  Couple bumps are now removed, didnt like them any way.  It took quite a few passes to brush up on technique to remove some harder areas on the chin and under my neck, but once I get back into the swing of things I think it will be mas bueno.  Most of my face was superbly smooth.  Even ladybug liked the after effects of this razor.

As for the blood, well I did nick myself a lot from bad blade angle, too long of strokes, and just plain being stupid.  I got the side of my neck pretty good from not watching out where the tip of the razor was going, didnt take long to notice the blood rushing down my neck.  I really need to have 911 on speed dial for a blood transfusion at the rate I am going.

So old Cold Blood got me good tonight, but round two it bound to be mine.  We will see though, could be another blood bath tomorrow.  Who knew shaving could be so gory.  I love it.  At least I still have all of my appendages, one day my nose is going to come clean off.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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