Learning curve, Shave 11.

I can report with some progress,

Well I would say that I am back to where I was before hurting my first sharp love.  Things are looking up then, as well as a little less blood.  I feel still a little raw in certain places, but my neck doesnt feel like it wants to jump off and move to some one more deserving.  My nose is still here, as so are my ears.  I have so many things to be grateful for, along with a pulse, havent cavitated the old heart yet.

As for the shave I used some cooking products to assist my razor tonight.  I was in a chat with a few guys over on the forum and they suggested a preshave oil as to help the razor glide over my face.  One even went as far as to suggest olive oil.  Heck we have a bountiful supply in the old cupboard thanks to ladybugs cooking skills.  I was only instructed by her to make sure I dont use it all up before tomorrow.  That would be a lot of shaving to used a whole bottle up, but I am up for a challenge.  Any ways, it seemed like it did minor to no help at this point, maybe in the future.  I will say what I keep hearing is stretch, stretch, stretch.  So i worked more on that today, and it did help with improving my over all shave, not so spotty tonight.  Closeness still is debatable.  If you like a porcupine kissing you than you might like my shave.

I just cant seem to get close enough on my neck or chin, they are the bane of my existence at this point.  Just need to hire a barber to stay in my bathroom at the ready.  But having an old guy just hanging out by the abode might border line creepy.

I did notice that I had less nicks the more I stretched it out.  Still going to take more work on figuring out the stretch.  As for other thing I was told tonight, soap could be a factor in the over all irritation.  I will be on the hunt for a more sensitive soap to match my personality.  One soap, Mitchell’s Wool Fat is supposed to be really good, it better be at $35.  Maybe for christmas, my list keeps getting longer with more and more shaving gear.  Stroping could be a factor, I hope not or I have already dulled this blade as well, at lease I have free honing for life with this one.

The post shave was not a pleasant one tonight, I picked up a different Nivea product.  It is like my other Balm but supposed to be for sensitive skin.  It doesnt have any alcohol so it wont dry up my skin so bad, and I would think not sting at bad.  Man I swear I had a hive of bee’s on my face tonight, sensitive my butt, this stuff is like a slap in the face.  I almost shed a tear this stuff was so strong.  I hope it helps with as bad as it felt.  I tell you what, fire would have helped to cool down my face after applying that stuff.

So I have some pondering to do.  The more I search for that perfect shave, the more money ends up down the rabbit hole.  One day I will find that rabbit and shave him bald as a thanks.

Until next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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