Evening Delight, Shave 13

Back at it so soon,

Well with such success this morning I decided to whack at it again tonight.  What I didnt mention in the AM part of todays shaving is that I also worked on my stropping.  I found a video that helped to describe how to properly handle a razor while stropping. Hear for your viewing pleasure, I present Mr. Strop, that’s what I call him any way.

Must say it helped a lot, my razor felt very sharp.  So sharp that I took a hunk of skin off my finger, have a look.

For other battle damage, I have slight burning from to much pressure, forgot so soon I know, and some minor nicks on my neck.  Nothing much else to report, just a minor flesh wound.

As for the shave, I put to use all the prior AM stuff and added another.  I tried my hardest with the pressure, but it seems to focus on one thing and you forget another.  So pressure resulted in slight discomfort as I know type.  What I did do is what is called buffeting.  You move the razor in a back and forth motion over the same area a couple times.  It shaves one direction, and then when you move it back it recoats the area with lather and you reswipe it.  I got most of my neck smoothed out, some slight stubble still, but pretty darn good.  I was very impressed with this technique, that and it was a lot of fun.  I got my cheeks bbs as well from doing this, rock on!  Also I reincorporated the xtg and atg to see if I could get my darn neck and chin better.

With xtg and atg I tried to make sure that my pressure was minimal, didnt happen every where, but helped.  Also I stretched my face in ways it has never seen.  My shave was much closer and my chin is near bbs.  So my over all shave was much more pleasurable and funner to boot.  I think I am finally coming around to getting a slight hang of this straight razor stuff.  I just need to master not burning the crud out of my face and maybe some day my face will clear up to not look like a teenage boy with acne.  At least I got the girl before the breakout, didnt scare her away that way.

Well till next time, Cant wait till the next shave.



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