Morning Glory, Shave 12

Well I thought I would give morning shaving a try for once,

I have always shaved in the morning with a modern type razor, but finally tried the straight this morning.  We will just say I had to follow up with the shick, but not all is lost.  I had a pleasant experience this morning.  Some learning took place in the past couple days, I looked around the forum for others experiences and input.  So I put it to use this morning.

Pressure and stretching, this is a common them on this blog and amongst the forum.  First I just let the razor do the slicing this morning, I didnt force it at any point on my face.  Boy did that help with the razor burn, non to speak of this morning.  I will say the actual results werent great, but not any worse that when I first started.  It was smooth and glided over my skin for once with out any input from my muscles.  I worked extensively on my stretching this morning too.  I need to become a contortionists I think to effectively stretch my face while I shave.  From the backwards grab around the head on my cheek position, to the not trying to slice off my ear while grabbing my neck posture.  It all helped with achieving closer shaving in most areas.

I’ll be it, I still had to follow up with the schick to get it all, my shave wasnt bad.  To add to all this my irritation was down as well.  I think this was impart to stretching and pressure, but also to a change in soap.  My mother in-law is also enabling my new addiction with supplying me with at least a year worth of Williams Mug Shaving Soap.

This stuff did wonders over my sandal wood soap I have been using.  I let it sit on my face and it didnt feel like it irritated my skin one bit.  So I lathered up again and put all my other technique to good use with a comfortable soap.  Thanks Mom.

As for the rest, well I need some more work still.  I did take a couple small pieces out of my cheek from trying a slicing motion, still to soon for that one.  Other than that I didnt really have more than one or two nicks.  No blood bath today, woot woot!  Well off to work I went and back to shaving tonight.

Cant wait till the next shave.



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