A Nivea beginning

Well I have a new collection brewing in my bathroom,

No its not the old toenails from years past.  It is a Nivea collection brewing.  Well so much of a collection that they actually make.  So I will give a quick run down on why and how I have so many after shave products, and the search to find the one that works.

So why did I decide to go with a balm at all.  Well when you experience razor burn like when a cat is climbing all over your face, you want the most comfortable after shave feeling.  Oldspice is not a good idea when you are trying to sooth the cat like scraping on your skin, burn baby burn.  More like feeling like I am going to go thru the roof with sharp pain.  So had to regroup and put the oldspice to the side for now.

Thus I did some minor research on anti burning and possible moisture providing after shaving products.  Balm is what I discovered, never knew what it was, always passed it in the isle in the shaving section of the store, just didnt give it a second glance.  So my first balm was Nivea replenishing after shave balm.

This was supposed to ease the burning while providing some extra moisture during this winter time when my face dries out.  Lets just say that Oldspice would have been a more welcoming experience.  This stuff hurt, and longer due to it being more like a lotion, takes longer to dry out.  So after jumping up and down trying not to use any expletives and regaining some sort of sanity I stood there like a man should and felt the burn.  I tell you what, replenishing it was not, more like refinishing my face.  I have heard of passed through fire, but even fire burns out after a while.  So on to a different product apparently.  One with out alcohol in the ingredient list.

Which brings me to my second choice, well my only one at the local walmart.  Ever heard of cat scratch fever, I think I felt it with this next product.  The sensitive balm for the sensitive guy, right?  Well my face doesnt care to have anything on it that might even in the slightest bit irritate it.  So I figures the sensitive skin stuff would be great, um well so was the plan.  Here is the picture of hell fire in a bottle.

Now I must say, Nivea is a good brand for the most part.  I will say not for beginning shavers who have no idea what real razor burn feels like.  That stuff your mach 3 gives you is a walk in the park compared to what a straight will give you.  So as suggested to earlier, this stuff was worse than the replenish version.  sensitive is supposed to be die, fragrance and alcohol free as to not irritate in the slightest, so says the bottle any way.  Marketing is every thing, got me, although that isnt hard to do.  What ever they put in this stuff cause my face to want to just come off.  It did get a little better with the better shaves, but the slightest nick, cut or burn brings out the beast from this seemingly angelic bottle.  German engineering not at its best with this stuff.

So onto my third and hopefully final bottle of Nivea, revitalizing.  I read on the forum that this one is supposed to feel a little better with razor burn.  Supposed to cool it and also provide some moisture back to your face.  We will see, looks fancy enough.  Even says it has Q10 in it, what ever that is, probably known to cause cancer in the state of California.  Here is a glimpse into hopefully a revitalized feeling on my face.

If all else fails there is one more fail safe that I can go with that Nivea makes if I can find it locally.  This one is the one to find apparently, hard to get but works wonders according to other shavers with sensitivity issues over on the forum.  This is the one I thought I was buying when I got the revitalizing one, but alas I was mistaken.  This one is called the Nivea High Performance Extreme Comfort.  With a name that has high performance and extreme in it means it has to be good.  Thats the idea any way.  So here is heaven in a bottle as for what Nivea can offer.

I will be reporting back soon, giving the old face a night off to hopefully replenish and revitalize my sensitive skin to hopefully an extreme comfort in the morning when I have to shave again.

I will give another little caveat.  This stuff all probably works great if you shave with a normal modern razor and just need something to protect your face better than a splash type aftershave.  I would even recommend using a balm more in the winter to help keep your face moisturized.  But as a newbie to straight shaving and discovering what the true meaning of feel the burn is, I would hold off on the all the Nivea line except for the extreme comfort.  The extreme comfort is rated on the forums I have read as a great balm for anti irritation and soothing.  It even says on Nivea’s sight specifically that it is the only one for anti irritation.  So go with extreme comfort if you are new to straight shaving or having razor burn issues.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next burn, I mean shave.



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