Reduce, Reuse, Refound

Well I am giving the old face a break for the weekend,

What does that have to do with me posting on my shaving blog then you ask?  Well, when I am not busy shaving, thinking of shaving, or dreaming of shaving, I usually drum up something that has to do with shaving.  So today I decided to clean up the old shaving den.  It was getting quite built up with all the balms, mugs and other paraphernalia that I could hardly move anything with out something falling off the edge of the cabinet.  Note to self, need private shaving den at next house, wife’s stuff to girly and takes up too much room to share.

So in and amongst my cleaning I decided to take out my new soap that came in the mail, Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving soap.  Wanted to give it a try next shave I get in.  I soon ran into a dilemma, what to put it in.  I already had my shaving mug full of sandalwood soap, I had a second coffee mug full of Williams soap, but I didnt want to keep using coffee mugs since they are so small and I cant get a good swirl motion in.  So in inner turmoil over what and where to put this new soap I regrettably went back to the kitchen to search out another mug.

I searched and searched and searched.  All our mugs have rounded bottoms and not good for a flat soap, other than the mug I was using in the den.  So I was about to give up and start searching ebay for a bowl for my new soap.  I wanted a bowl with a lid in anticipation that santa will be bringing me a scuttle and I only need something to hold the soap, not build lather in.  I could have gotten the soap dish that comes with the Mitchell’s soap, but it cost another $25 on top of what the soap already cost, $13.  I was cheap in buying just the refill soap just incase I didnt like it, didnt want to be stuck with a soap and matching dish and not ever use it, money down the tube.  Not like I havent already spent enough.

Back to the mugs, get a little off track some times.  At any rate as I was about to close the door on my mugs I saw something white and shiny in the back.  It wasnt like the other mugs, this one was different.  It was a long forgotten mug, one with little use and probably out casted by the other mugs for not being the same as them.  This mug I have had for at least 13 or more years.  Older than the rest, wiser probably too.  It is one I got on a family trip to Hawaii when I was in middle school.  Little did I know then it would be my future shaving mug, probably just had peach fuzz then.  I bought it at the Dole plantation on Honolulu.  It is short and stout with a lid that doubles as a coaster.

So with much excitement I quickly snatched it out of the cupboard and sprinted to the soap, well I move fast like at any rate.  I opened up the soap and plopped it in the cup, perfect fit.  This mug it perfection in ways I could have only hoped for in a shaving mug.  Didnt even have to fork out any extra cash for this little hidden refound treasure.

So in the spirit of my recent motto in trying to rethink and refine what it means to be a man, I am proud to say that I didnt go out and just splurge extra money on a mug I didnt really need.  I have taken on the motto close to the recycling one, Reduce and Reuse, plus a new word that applies to this mug, Refound.  I am big on self sufficiency and making things work for what you need with what you already have.  So this worked out perfectly.  That is a step further in practicing fiscal responsibility, well saved me money for my next shaving item at any rate.

Cant wait to put this to use with the next shave.



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