Comfort and Joy, Shave 14

Here we are again,

Well the snow is blowing, the fire is blazing, and shaver has been a shaving.  Today is nothing short of wonderful.  Got a good shave in, relaxing on my day off, and watching a movie with the little bug.  All in all a good start to the day.  So after a couple of day brake on the old face, I was prepped for action.  Well hopefully not too much action, harsh on the face.

To shaving we will go, hi hoe the dairyo to shaving we will go.  Ok by now I have probably got you thinking im a real nut job, I am not as crazy as I seem, but I do like a good cashew once in a while.  Back to reality, today was much better than even the last shave.  I feel that I am finally getting some sort of idea of how to shave my face without having an IV hooked up to my arm just in case.

Today I put the Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving Soap to the test.  I must say I have never really been one to enjoy fat, be it around my middle or on my steak.  But this I can say is actually a good use for fat, if there is such a thing.  Wool fat is not exactly fat of the sheep at all, it is lanolin.  They get it from squeezing the fat out of the hairs of the sheep, or the wool.  So there is a short science lesson in shaving for you.

Ok as for the actual shave.  Tried to keep things nice a light today.  Did a pretty good job if I may toot my own horn, and in the words of Alvin the Chipmunk, beep pa beep pa beep beep beeeeeep!  No razor burn.  Finlay, mission accomplished, well mostly.  Still need to get the dang chin down.  Some days I just want to cut it clean off, probably could if I am not too carefull.  Still get rough patch on it here and there.  But my version of a rough patch and what a normal person would consider a rough patch is probably different.  If I can see the hair still, its rough.  Feels pretty smooth though I must say.  Took a ton of time today.  I think the actually shave was almost thirty minuets.  Was really trying to not burn, nick, cut or remove any extremities today.  Yes I have done all those in the past.  Just look at shave 12 and see what a sharp razor will do to the pad of your finger if your not carefull.

So all in all a very very successful shave today.  Did wtg, atg and xtg today to accomplish the butt of a baby smoothness on my face.  I really don’t understand that phrase after having a kid now myself.  His posterior sometimes aint the greatest.  Plus I just don’t go rubbing it all the time any way, who does that any way?  Enough of the disturbing thoughts.  After shaving experience was a defiant plus today as well.  I had to scourge town to find the Nivea Extreme Comfort, but I found it.  CVS is the most odd ball store ever, they have things they just dont carry any where else.  So I would defiantly pick up a bottle of Nivea Extreme Comfort if you have sensitive skin such as myself.

Well not much else to report.  We will see if this shave last a long time like the last one I had.  Hopefully so.  Things are looking up in the Shavers world, hopefully they are a cut above for you too.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next shave.


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