Christmas Shaving list

The Shaver hear,

Well in this time of year it is important to remember the good things in life, like shaving.  I know, some of you ask me what is so great about shaving.  To some its just a morning ritual that has lost its flair.  It just a morning of cold water splash on the face, a can of chemical concoction put on your face, and a non-lethal multiblade scraping device that attempts to give you some what of a close shave.

Well I have been there, but have now found the promise land.  It is this land that has engrossed a part of my life that I didnt even know existed.  A side of me that actually enjoys having a piece of steel gliding down my face, chopping down the forestation growing on my face.  Before my whiskers of steel would demolish a cartridge razor in little under a week.  I really didnt know much better so I would keep shaving on a dull cartridge for another week or so to lengthen my moneys worth.  Those things cost more than a brick of gold the same size.  Instead of my looking to take stock in shick or gillete I decided to try my hand at an ancient ritual.

So in my past month of shaving with a Straight razor I have become more and more fascinated with all that community and its vendors has to offer.  It has entranced my mind and my wallet.  If one is not carefull whole paychecks could be devoted to the art of shaving, that is without any self-restraint.  Plus what would one do with several hundred dollars of shaving equipment each month, I know, open a store to support the habit.  Aside from opening a small business, that I have no idea how to run, I have used my slightly better judgment and just get a few things here and there.

Luckly with wet shaving you can find quite a few products still around to try out, and not break the bank.  Local stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and on and on, still carry some shaving stuff from the years of old.  They are mostly just aftershaves, some preshaving stuff, and possibly some soap or creams.  Online there are numerous stores that carry the hard stuff, brushes, razors, and other various shaving equipment.  Most of the stuff is fairly inexpensive if you just want to buy to buy.  But if you want to get the good stuff it still isnt that pricy, especially if you buy once and use it forever.  That is the nice thing about wet shaving, the equipment you buy you use till you die.  Hopefully that is a very long time for you.

So in the spirit of all this equipment talk, I will list what I hope Santa will drop off by my home.  Will be a feat for him to get in since the only chimney goes to my hot water heater.  Might have to get better life insurance for that old man.

Hear it is, the Shavers Christmas list;

I have a couple of mugs but would like to try out a scuttle, from what I have read this scuttle is one of the best.  It is made by Dirty Bird Pottery,  Rightfully so this scuttle is called the Dirty Bird Scuttle.  Priced in at $42 from their site.

Second on the list is a softer brush.  I love my brush now but it is only pure badger, and I have heard that a softer brush is less prickly on the face.  My choice is also a smaller brush for possible travel if I am so inclined.  This is the Omega 599 silvertip badger brush.  Priced in at $40 from  This is the best deal I have found for a slivertip brush, basically the best hair you can get.

There is always room under the tree or in a stocking for a new razor.  This is where all the fun is.  There are numerous types and styles.  But this year ducks are on the brain, what better razor to fit that than a Dubl Duck razor, preferably a wonderedge, but those are hard to find.  Dubl ducks can range from $30 to recently I just saw one go for almost $400.  Here is one for sale on the old eBay right now, hint hint any one.

Ok we have a source of lather, brushing and cutting, let us turn to carrying.  I have always wanted one of these since the beginning of my shaving obsession, a military style wet pack.  unfortunately for me these are quite pricy and the ones I like are all out of england, so shipping can be pricy.  But here is a picture at any rate, these run around $200 shipped to the good old US of A.  This one is from

Lastly I have a second weird love in my life.  My love for the mysterious creature known as the Jackalope, has nothing to do with shaving, but is on the list none the less.  So hear it is a mounted Jackalope to hand on the wall.  This is from  These guys aint cheap, but they arent in high demand either.  This one is $60, but I have a full stuffed one that I paid over $200 for that sits on my desk at home in my office.  Here is the majestic creature.

Well that is it for now.  Im sure I will think of more, but these are the non-negotionalbles this season, the must haves for every Shaver.  Yes even the Jackalope, he is a faithful companion.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

God Bless,

The Shaver





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