Lazy shave, shave 15

Well I am to report a mediocre shave tonight,

I tried, I really did.  Between me being tired, not really into it and the kid down the street playing his drums late at night, I just wasnt feeling it tonight.  So I gave it my best attempt, I didnt bleed very much, but I didnt get all that close either.  I wonder if the kid with the drums needs a shave, I know I would like to give his drums a touch up with the blade.  A cut hear, a cut there, now thats better, no more drum head.  Play on that why dont you.  I think im getting old, I sound like an old man.

At any rate, I didnt try any fancy stuff tonight, just tried to get thru the shave with out any razor burn.  I got a light bit of burning but the balm took most of it away, and the rest if fading fast as the balm really sets in.  It was manly my chin and just bellow my chin that burns, tried to get it right tonight, the chin is an elusive sucker.

As for the rest of my face, it went ok, nothing much to report about.  It would be good enough for work.  Not going to woo any one tonight with this shave.  Once I figure out my patterns on my face I think things will get much better.  I think I will try the cotton ball trick next time.  You take a cotton ball after your shave and wipe it against your face, it leaves little tufts of cotton behind where the hair grabs it.  Helps to see where you missed, and what the grain of your hair is.

So sorry not too much excitement tonight.  My styptic pencil is getting less use as the shaves go on.  Only had one or two areas on my chin that needed some attention.  I will shave when I am more refreshed next time.  Today just was not a shaving sort of day.

Well till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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