The DE plunge

Well folks I did it,

I am full force wet shaving now.  I am going to completely ditch the shick for my recently purchased DE safety razor.  I am just in to much of a time crunch in the mornings to attempt to take my face off with the straight.  So I am willing to compromise between the awesomeness of a straight razor and the complete poopieness of a modern-day razor.

So in the spirit of compromise here is my recent, and actually inexpensive, entry into DE shaving.  First up is the razor itself, a beautiful piece of manufactured artisanship.  Well it looks nice any ways.  It is an Edwin Jagger DE89L, as long as Mick Jagger isnt going to show up at my house any time soon, I am looking forward to its arrival.  Got it from, they were the only ones that I could find that had it in stock.  From looking around the forums this is a popular item.  So here she is in all her chromed slender beauty.

As for the actual cutting piece of this razor holder, I read around and settled on a set of Durby Extra Stainless Blades.  I dont know what is so extra about them, they are still the same size and shape as the rest.  But I am sure I will find out.  The plus side is that they are dirt cheap, 5 blades for 99 cents, cant beat that.  If I like them they are 50 blades for 9 bucks.  Here is what the little buggers look like.

As for the part I am not too keen on about these razors is that it actually has a part that has to be disposed of.  Sharp parts, so I got a blade safe that holds the blades and then can be thrown out once it is full.  Here is what one looks like.

And last but not least, I just couldnt resist, I found another brush to try out.  It was branded as a Royal Shave brush, so I am guessing made by some one else.  Plus it was cheap, as brushes go.  Had some good reviews though.  Here is the RoyalShave PB2 Best Badger 3 Band Brush.

So we will see how this all works out.  Supposedly this has a slight learning curve as well, but not as bad as the straight.  Think since I have learned so much on just general shaving technique that I will be ok.  I will let you know if I end up in the hospital due to loss of blood and conciseness.

Cant wait to shave with a DE!



One comment on “The DE plunge

  1. James says:

    You must not have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom with a slot in the back–the slot exists as a “blade safe”, and you just let the blade fall through the slots and down between the wall studs. No one could live in a house long enough to fill THAT void with razor blades!

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