Slight change in Sequence

Need to apologize to all you shaver enthusiasts.  I am not that great at math apparently, can’t count from 1 to 10 without adding extra numbers.  I had two shave 8’s, not to worry it has been remedied.  My editor caught it and I put in the change to the presses and got things fixed up proper like.  Good thing I know the guy, otherwise he might charge me an arm and a leg for all the editorial work I put him through.

So for those searching for shave 9 it is now 10 and 10 is now 11, on and on and on.  you get the picture.  Speaking of errors, you will quickly notice I am no english major as well.  Product of the education system of the great state between Washington and California.  Hopefully you are good at geography, other wise we all will be lost.  So if you are one of those english perfectionist types, I am really going to get under your skin.  For one, I kind of just don’t care, and two sometimes I just don’t know what is what and who is who.  So there you have it, my confession for the year.

Happy reading, and adding,

The Shaver


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