Reunited, shave 16

Its back, its back, hooray its back,

Well my first razor love is back safe and sound from the mighty honemiester over at SRD.  He was able to take my tragic accident and fix up the gal just like new.  Probably better than new since it has a fresh honing on it.  I tell you what there is nothing like a sharp razor on your face.  It just makes the world feel good again.

So in honor of the Prima Klang’s return I put it back to good use.  It is amazing the difference between the two razors.  The Prima is much lighter and thinner feeling the Micarta.  I like both, for different reasons.  I think I like the Prima because it is so light.  Seems I can move around my face a little better than with the Micarta.  But I like the Micarta for its bulky scales because when I am taking my sweet time it fits better in my hand.  So I will say they are different, yet equals.  Kind of like China and North Korea.  We will save the political talk for some other time, there are more serious matters to be had, like my last shave.

So as for the shave, it was nice being shaved by the sharpest love in my life.  She has known my face from the beginning.  Knows how to caress it, pamper me, and yet she still has an attitude that I could do with out.  She cut me to the quick, well thru my skin on my upper lip any way.  But no worries, I was reminded quickly that with any gal, when they are mad ya it’s for a reason.  This reason being I was putting too much pressure on her, so I backed off and everything was all right for the rest of the shave.  As usually still didn’t get as close as I wanted on my chin, over all though it was a nice shave.  Just have to get used to Prima’s intricacies again.

As for the post shave, she didn’t burn me to bad.  My chin did sting a little bit, so she still made her point tonight, “back off mister and just let me do the work”.  I will listen better next time, the old saying if you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Well I am like a scratched record, I keep repeating the same mistakes.  Luckly the mistakes are getting less and less, and the shaving is only getting better and better.  Well at least they are getting more constant any way.

Now I have a 1 in 2 rotation for my razor selection.  It is just so hard not to go out and grab another one, darn these addictive substances.  At least this addiction isnt self-destructive, its only facially destructive.  As long as I just back off and let them do their thing, I get some nice comfortable shaves.  I just hope they don’t gang up on me, the two of them could do some serious lasting damage.  At least it’s never dull when there around.  Yes, cheese I know, it’s what I do best.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next shave.



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