Work shaving, shave 17

Well I took off the training wheels,

I officially am not using any modern razor from here on out whether at home or on the road.  I took it out of my Dopp kit and put just the straight in.  So I now have a different routine when it comes to getting ready for work, at work.  I have to stay at work every few days, so I might as well have a little piece of home while away.  Just hope I come home still with all of my pieces.

For the first time I used my travel strop and it wasnt all that big of an adjustment.  It’s just bulky in my backpack is my only complaint.  It took only a couple of strokes and angle adjustments with the strop to get the hang of it.  I almost like it better because it doesnt move around and I dont have to hold it taught.  Plus it is a nice weapon if I am to ever defend myself away from work, or at least give them a good spanking any way.

The shave was ok, nothing great, nothing bad.  Still readjusting to my Prima again, little burning but not bad.  I am branching out and starting to map out my face.  Right now you can actually make out the land masses with all the battle scars I have.  But once my face heals up all the way, I will have a better understanding of where to shave and with what stroke.  So many different ways that the hair can grow, would be nice if you could just train it all one way.  That would be an act to behold.  They make bald me hairy again, you would think they could get your beard to grow all one way.

Didnt get to show off the razor to any one else tonight, maybe next time.  I like talking razors, but no one around here really understands my shaving passion I guess.  The conversation gets dull after a while.  So I will look forward to future work shaves as the time arises.  One day I will get another convert, just wait and see.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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