A Christmas shave, Shave 18

Well I hope you enjoyed my attempt at poetry,

As for shaving for Christmas, it was probably better than my attempt at long-lasting literature.  Wasnt planning on shaving, but duty calls and I had to go off to work.  So after all the festivities of the morning I went off for a shave.  As you all might remember I was chucking out the shick razor.  So it was all or nothing this morning, so I had thought any way.

Ok, to the shave.  It was just one of those days where not much was going to go my way when it came to taking off the whiskers.  I wasnt relaxed, I still felt like I needed a shower after just stepping out of one, the stropping was less than to be desired, and the lather was everywhere.  So I still pressed on and tried to make the most out of what was shaping up to be a bad shaving day.  Now if I didnt have to go into work, I probably would have just stopped there.  I dont think straight shaving should be rushed or pushed.  Luckly I had time, so it was just a push.

I got the lather on my face, didnt feel too bad.  I have been trying to dampen the brush every so often to see if I can get the right mix between too sloppy wet and supper dry lather.  It wasnt that bad, still dried out quick, but I just kept reapplying and it was ok.  As for the actual shaving, well not so great on my part.  I just wasnt in to it, and thus a cruddy shave was the result.  I think I could use my face for 80 grit sand paper the shave was so dingy.  It was so unappealing that I decided to restrop and redo the shave.  Heck even after that I still had a bunch of tree trunks lying around on my face.

So I just kept at it, did a little of this, a little of that.  eventually I got a shave good enough for work, especially a day where I wasnt planning on coming in.  I try to look my best, but I also didnt need world war three breaking out all over my face.  I surprisingly didnt burn my face, just didnt get a close shave either.  I think I needed to strop longer and better, the Micarta just wasnt cutting this morning.  Hopefully she aint dulled out, good thing for lifelong honing.

The shave was so bad that I went diving in the trash can after my old shick, I had one last cartridge I could use, but just needed the handle to put it on.  I couldnt find it so I put all the trash back in, tried to gather my pride after just rummaging thru the garbage like a bum, I shure looked like one.  At any rate, I gave it one last pass and that cleaned it up just enough.  So I started to clean up everything and get off to work.  As I reached up to get a tissue to dry off the blade my eye caught something on the self, what do ya know, my old schick.  To little to late, oh well the damage was done.

So I think next shave around I will do some light meditation to recenter my shaving chee, put on some soft jazz, light some candles…….um maybe not.  I think I will just man up next time and focus on what matters, the task at hand.  I think that was the biggest thing, I was very distracted this time around.  So when shaving, make sure you have time and a place where you can concentrate on just that, shaving.  Makes for a much better shave.

Well till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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