Christmas Shaving Poem

All thru the house, nothing was stirring, well possibly a mouse.

All of us were snuggled up in our beds, for our heaters were on low thanks to one little bugs fun.

Our tree was treeing, our presents were all wrapped, even the dogs were content to take a nights nap.

For all of a sudden what do I hear, a stirring and calling, from a razor thats longing.

It has been only a few hours, but soon I will shower.

For my face is growing, and it is time for a mowing.

I come with a prepped face, ready to lather,

I pick up the brush and whip up the Williams wool fat, just be glad we dont have a cat.

As the razor is stropped, I cant help think how I’m so pumped,

So I start in on shaving, hopefully I come out with nothing missing.

The Prima is gliding, oh my feelings im not hiding.

For today I must shave for work, oh how I feel sort of tart.

Now I bid thee adieu, for my words are not few,

But I leave you with this,

Do your self a favor, and shave with a straight razor.



2 comments on “Christmas Shaving Poem

  1. Sugar Lips says:

    You make me laugh, honey!

  2. michael says:

    You are a funny man sir! Please have the next poem ready for the next greenville hangout!

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