Hurry up and shave, Shave 19

Well against my better judgement I rushed a shave today,

I learned my lesson of not shaving first thing in the morning when on the road.  We were stuck in Georgia due to it snowing like crazy back home.  We didnt know if or when we would come home today, then came the call to haul butt.  So we went post-haste back to the hotel to make way and get out of dodge.  This would not be a problem if I had taken proper means of organization and prep.  But alas, I had to again learn the hard way.

So I rushed into my room, clothes flying everywhere, hot water running and lather going every which way.  surprisingly it wasnt to harmful to my face, only got one good nick, no other bleeding.  I shocked myself, but the shave was all but shocking.  I still looked like I had a stubble, but not a beard. Didnt even have time for after shave, off to get home.

If you are wondering why I must shave is because I am in the military and have to shave when in uniform.  So there ya go.  Short and sweet, nothing great, but nothing bad either.  They guys were waiting for me, of course because a straight is slower to shave with than others.  But in the rush I forgot my wedding ring, the hotel was kind enough to send it to me at my expense of course, via fedex.  Better than answering to an angry ladybug.

Well till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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