Little Bug Shave Kit

Well little bug had his birthday and I had a very fitting gift for him,

I found this shave kit at Target that came with a razor, brush, mirror, comb and fake shave cream.  He loves it and started off the bat with making shure his forehead was properly shaved.  He proceeded with the top of his head as well, we all know how those darn whiskers need to be taken care of up there.

Then moving on he proceeded to make sure mommies beard was properly taken care off along with her nose.  My goodness he is a shaving fiend now.  Eventually we got back to himself and shaving his cheek.  He will have lots to learn about pressure on the face, he is going to have razor burn at a young age.  We havent let him have any shave cream yet as we think that is best reserved for bath time.  Dont want to imagine what damage could ensue he we just let him loose with the can.

So it was a hit, and daddy is a little more proud.  Here is a pic of the kit.

The Shaver


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