Starting over again, DE shave 1

Well here I am all over again with a different razor this time,

If you havent read any of my other post, this has up till now been for the most part a straight razor shaving sight.  I decided it was time to diversify and move into the twenty-first century.  So I called in a little back up, sharper than a whip and comes in a nice small package.  I had my first adventure with my new Edwin Jagger DE razor.

I must say it was nice having to strop, worry about dulling the blade, or even just trying to get a good hold on the straight with the non dominate hand.  I just got my face wet, lathered up and started to shave.  It was weird at first because I didnt think it was actually doing any thing.  Once I got around my chin where the whiskers are thicker I could hear the blade cutting down the forest.  So I do think it will come fast learning wise.  Didnt do much to try to get a good shave, but in the one pass I did it was awesome.  Lifted my spirits in a dark time for straight shaving for me.  I have been down in the dumps because I havent improved much with my straits.

For now the DE will act as a primary backup, I know oxymoron.  I will be my daily shaver when I dont have time to do a straight shave.  Plus it will back up what I miss with a straight.  It was much enjoyable today shaving with the DE, it is just like the first time shaving with my straight, just cant explain it.  Like a shaving euphoria, or maybe a shaving utopia.  It just felt good.  No burn, no fuss, no muss.  How ever that phrase goes.

So if you are looking for a change is shaving pace, defiantly go with a DE if you aren’t wanting a straight.  They both have their place in the old shaving den.  Gives me more flexibility when it comes to how I want to start my day.  I think me and my DE will have a long and happy life together, snuggled safe and sound in the box with my straits.

Till next time, cant wait to DE shave again.



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