Nice and Smooth, DE shave 2

Well round two was today,

I must say, I love love love my DE razor.  It is like a slice of heaven for my face.  I will preface with this, I have shaved with a straight for a month now and am using those techniques with the DE.  So beginners beware, you might not have such a great success right of the bat as I, im just that good.  Not really, I have a lot of blood loss over the past month to prove how bad I actually am.

So as for the shave, the ritual preshave continues.  I must say it is nice not having to strop when I dont need to.  Just jump in the shower and then dry of my glistening fazeek, minus my face, and start the lathering process.  I think I forgot to mention along with my new DE I got a brush.  It is a Royal Shave brand brush, not all that expensive but I think it is a great brush.  I didnt fall in love with it right away.  It is softer than my last one, its like being used to a nice firm hand shake and then you run into that one guy that has a dead fish for a hand.

So I had to adjust my face to a lighter feel and a longer haired brush.  I must say it is nicer now that I know how to use the limper brush.  It doesn’t irritate my face as much and produces a lot of lather once it gets going.  Just takes some revving up to get the brush to operate properly.  Boy this story is going down hill fast.  Ok I will shift gears and get on to the shaving part.

I did nick myself a couple of times tonight, but it was my own fault.  I was trying to get my chin real good and dug in on one spot.  Nothing bad, nothing a styptic pencil can’t handle.  I just love the way it glides around my face.  It doesn’t even feel like shaving.  It just feels like it’s removing the soap and that’s it.  But the evidence is there when I run my hand on my face, pretty much bbs.  I also tried ATG in a couple of spots, it went ok, got nice and close.  I did some stretching and that helped out as well.  No pressure needed with this razor either, just let its weight do the work.  It defiantly does some good work.

If you are looking to shave with better results than your cruddy cartridge type razor, but have been scared off by my stories with the straight, get a DE.  You will not regret it.  It is the best thing I have bought for myself in a long time.  I might even get ladybug to try it on her legs, oh ya, it’s that good.

Till next time, cant wait for my next DE shave.



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