Not keeping up, DE shave 11 and 12

Well I did it again,

I have been busy and busier.  So I fell behind on these last two shaving adventures.  They had about the same shave and feeling.  So they should go together quite nicely in one posting.  With out further procrastination, shave 11 and 12 with my DE.

So there I was, in a time warp, shaving two days at once.  How mysterious this was, kind of like the twilight zone.  I can hear the music now, dew dew dew dew, dew dew dew dew.  In a place where a man can shave two days in one post…….. Well so it may not be that cool, but a guy can hope.

Since getting back home I have been using my scuttle.  I must say that it is a bit of a learning curve just in and of itself.  I have been for the most part just face lathering the past couple months.  Even when I used a mug, it was just to get soap on my brush since the soap sat in the bottom of the mug.  Using a scuttle takes some skill in your soap to water mixture.  It can either be to thick and dry out quick, or to soupy and not be worth a think other than keeping your face wet.  But after a couple tries I got it down and boy is it worth it.  So nice to have on demand warm lather.  especially on cold mornings.

As for the actual shave, I will say that I have experienced a small hitch in my get-up.  I dont know if it is the difference in climate change that my skin is adjusting to after being across the country, but my face seems different.  The razor didnt just glide like it usually does, could be the hard water difference too.  I also put too much pressure where it isnt needed, I kept holding the razor twords the head instead of at the bottom of the handle.  But other than some small miscalculations on my part it was still good shaving.  I had to replace another blade as well before my 11th shave, so we are now on blade 2, I know you are all so excited.

The after shave is still a party, so nice even with too much pressure with a DE that my face doesn’t just break out.  I can take a little burn here and there if it doesn’t leave my face a mess like the mach3 did.  So Im still happy.  eventually I need to sneak in another straight shave for fun.  Maybe today since it’s the weekend.  Who knows, just might get spunky around here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



New Category, so exciting

Well all I have some big news,

The blog birthed yet another category today.  It was time to start making things a little more organized.  So in the spirit of spring cleaning, might still be a bit early, I made another category.  This one is dedicated to all my equipment that I have come to acquire.  So if you like to see what I shave with, work with, or brush with, have a glance at The Shave Den category.

Thank you all for your support.  Goodness knows I need it.

The Shaver


Two new-old acquisitions

Well after the last disaster I went on the hunt again,

What I found is awesomeness for sure.  These two guys are classics in there own right.  Two elderly razors with a lot to offer.  I cant wait to put them to use and enjoy some shaving history on my face.  Here they are.

First up is a H.K. Friodur No Stain, this one is a throw back.  It has the classic modern looks of the 60’s, but not sure when it was actually made.  It is absolutely perfect, there is no marks or dings or rust or anything on this guy.  I quickly looked up its value and it looks like if I ever want to part with it, wich I probably never will, I can fetch a good price.  I only paid $25 for it and can get around $70 if I ever wanted too.  From what some have told me this razor is one that is sought after as well.  So I am really happy finding this one, plus it just looks cool.  Here it is in all its glory.

Second is a really cool old razor, a Wade and Butcher.  Again a good deal, paid $29 for this guy, and can get a lot more for it if I ever want, but again wont sell this guy.  This is the one I cant wait to get hones and use.  Not much to say about it other than it is so cool.  It is from the early 1900’s, possible late 1800’s.  It is just a neat piece of shaving history.  Plus it came with a cool old case that just adds to how cool it is. Did I mention that it was cool.  Well here is pic of the cool cat.

Well I hope you enjoy these two new guys as much as I do.  Later.

The Shaver


Could have been good

Well I have some cool and bad news,

I went out to the antique stores today to find me an old straight razor.  I was in the mood to fix one up.  So I set out in high hopes of finding a few.  Come to find out, people dont carry these things as much as I thought they would.  Out of about ten stores I found one razor.  It was quite discouraging for a straight razor hunt.  So I took the one I could find and off I went.

It was a nice blade at one point, but had been seriously neglected these past 10 or so years, maybe longer.  It is a Joseph Allen and Sons NON XLL.  It had some nice scales at one point, mother of pearl.  But they were badly cracked and missing large chunks.  So I thought I would use this has a rehab project.  Fun right, uh well fun yes, productive no.

I got it home and couldn’t wait to get started.  I first wanted to strip it of its old and broken past by removing the cruddy scales.  Of they came with out a hitch.  Next was the objective of cleaning the blade.  May I first pose a question to all you readers out there.  What first comes to mind when you have a small piece of metal that you want to polish.  Wait for it, wait for it, there it is, the first thing that popped in your head.  Thats right, a Dremel tool.  Well that is what I thought as well, what else would a person use.  At least that is what I thought.

For one thing if you ever use a dremel on a blade dont free hand it.  Make sure the blade is firmly placed on a flat surface.  This is where I went badly wrong, so wrong.  I was holding the blade in one hand and the dremel in the other.  I had the brush going nicely just until it got to the edge and grabbed the blade and took off.  It didnt get me, but it sure as hell got the blade.  It put a nice nick in the old XLL and cracked the metal.  I literally wanted to cry, I mean I could feel the tears.  My baby, my brand old new baby.  I was going to care for her and make her all new again.  Well so much for that.  The razor protective services should probably come and take her away from me.

So as I sit here sulking and typing I wonder, how am I to polish a blade with out a dremel.  Perhaps I will never know, but I am on the hunt for another blade.  This next time I will keep in mind that I can really do some damage in a new york minuet.  I will have to report back after tomorrow, im on the hunt yet again.  I think word might get around and they will stop selling me razors since I damage them.  Oh well, live and learn, at least it was only eight bucks.

The Shaver

Pick-me-up, DE Shave 10

Well I think its DE shave 10 any way,

We will call it number 10 and move on with our lives, I hope I wasn’t keeping you in too much suspense lately.  I have been away, back home, and away again.  So now I am on some time off and let the old beard grow out.  Actually had almost a week’s growth by today.  Was getting nice and bushy, that and it itched like the dickens.  So this morning was time to shave off the past week of problems and stress.  So off we go to a stress cutting exercise.

Life has been so hectic I can hardly tell up from down, but at least I can still tell the difference between shaving grains.  Today was a nice shave day, just went smooth with no irritation.  I took a shower, got all nice a soaked in the facial hair area, dried of every where but the beard.  Re-soaked my face once I got my lather going just for good measure, havent ever shaved a beard this bushy yet with my DE.  I have to say I was even more impressed today than I have been before with my razor.  It just sliced through the hairs like hot butter.  Didnt even feel a single tug or pull.  Boy was it nice.

The first round was with the grain and really I could have just left it at that.  My face looked really good after that pass.  I have to say my skin is defiantly starting to look a ton better since I first started wet shaving.  I only have the occasional pimple, and it is very minimal.  My skin seems tighter and just looks better in appearance.  Needless to say today looked the same.  Did a single pass of against the grain for good measure as well.  That went well too, just a little dry, need to add more water to the lather after it sits a while.

Still havent used the new scuttle, separated from it for a few more days.  I will get back to you as soon as I have the details.  So for now its still a shave, by the way a haircut as well.  But they were two separate events.  So no two bits today.  Well that is it for now, shaver out.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next DE shave.


Wood soap bowl

Well I went back to the local I got my rosewood box,

While there I decided that I wanted a matching wood bowl to put my soap it, rather than just putting it in a cup.  Also I knew my new scuttle was on its way and wanted to have the soap in a separate dish.  So off exploring I went.

I had seen these dishes before but didn’t think twice until I got home after the fact.  I found several but none that fit the bill.  So I kept on the hunt till I found one that I thought would work.  So I ran across this one that was nice a wide to fit a puck of Wool Fat, just not sure of the height.  Well when I got home I put it to the test.  It is a little shallow to have the lid and soap in it, so just the soap and no lid.  But it does still look nice.  So I will keep it.  Just will have to put the lid on once it gets used a bit.  Have a look.

And here it is next to the box.

Enjoy, the Shaver.



Hi all,

Well I have some scuttlebutt to spread around.  Literally about a scuttle.  To sailors this would be a drinking fountain, to gossipers a rumor, but to us shavers it is a dream.  As I am a former sailor and now wet shaver I find humor in the shared name.  At any rate, I received my long-awaited Christmas gift in the mail last night.  My ladybug ordered this thing in december, but they were in such demand this past year that they were a little back logged.  I can say that it was worth the wait.

The scuttle is affectionately called the Dirty Bird.  Named after the company that makes they, Dirty Bird Potter.  I had put this down on my Christmas list as I requested the larger of the two sizes.  My goodness was I surprised at the size.  This sucker is huge, I mean huge.  I love it.  It’s like a nice heavy piece of machinery that feels like it will out last your life.  This will definitely be an heirloom.

As for lathering, oh what a dream it is.  It has groves made into the bowl part that grabs the soap and helps whip it up as you swirl the brush around.  It rocks to say the least.  Plus its keeps you lather nice and warm to boot.  I love the fact that these are hand-made in the USA too.  They may take longer to receive in the mail as each one seems to be specially made for you, but it is definitely worth the wait.

I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend this scuttle to any one.  Great job Dirty Bird Pottery, great job indeed.  This is one satisfied scuttle owner.  Here is the pick of what one I received.