Road Shaving, DE shave 3

On the road again,

Well I am happy to report I am still happy with my DE.  I love this thing, I cant believe how we have gone so askew from these types of razors.  Where did we go wrong?  How did we let the big corporations rule our shaving world?  Did we let the media get out of control with its marketing?  While there might be some very legitimate and educated responses to all of these, I say we just let ourselves go astray.  We became pray to the elusive “Better Shave” with less time and more blades.  Well all know that there is strength in numbers, you all so get your butt handed to you by numbers as well.  It is never a good thing when you are backed into a corner being faced with multiple sharp objects, neither is it good for your face.  Like the old saying, why do more with less, when less is more.  Well its one I have heard any way.

As for the shave, it was the best I have had being away from me casa.  I stepped up and bought a nother badger brush so now I have one for the road as well.  Last night was heaven on a blade.  It just isnt even in the same time zone as the other razors, maybe even the same planet.  I took just as much time to do my face as it would with a mach3, and I got much more comfortable and better results.  I didnt have any burning, rash, cuts, nicks or screaming.  My face still doesnt look like five o’clock shadow and its almost 24 hours later.  Try getting that from a five bladed stick from hell.  I tell you what, even if I cant convince you to give up that piece of junk multi anti-wounder, at least use proper prep.  Get a brush and some soap, do it right from the start.  Your face will thank you.

Ok, as for the rest of the shave.  I did the first swipe all with the grain.  Did a nice close shave but still could run my fingers over my face and feel stubble.  So I decided to get frisky and go against the grain.  I was worried as I had not done it with this razor yet.  There aint no training wheels on a DE.  They call them a safety razor, but I dont know why.  I will still slice you like a piece of pizza.  But all is well in my shaving world, I didnt get any blood seeping from my pores.  I know, 911 was disappointed for not getting a call tonight, maybe on my next straight shave.

So after that I patted my face dry and applied my second best nivea balm, little sting since it aint the comfort stuff I have at home.  Went to bed and was pleasantly surprised to not have to shave in the morning to go to work.  I love this shaving stuff, never could say that before.  I am a changed man, I am the Shaver, I am shavetastic.  Well at least my face is feeling better now a days.  So I will be reporting from the road for my next few shaves, stand by for the latest and greatest road shaving posts ever.  I know you are all just so excited for what I have to write next.

Till next time, cant wait for the next DE shave.



One comment on “Road Shaving, DE shave 3

  1. Daniel says:

    Do you have curly hair? Shaving against the grain with my safety razor is a suicide mission for 1000 ingrown hairs. I cannot find any solution to this!

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