Shaved my brow with the DE

Have you ever met a guy that should just take care of that caterpillar on his brow,

Well I am one of those guys.  The little guy come out here and there when I don’t pay attention.  As my age progresses, so does he.  The little guy isn’t so little now, he is growing and hairier than ever.  Must be like ear hair, it never stops growing.

So today I thought I would remedy this issue for at least a week.  Usually I have had a mach3 or the like to just take a couple swipes and its gone.  Seeing that I no longer use that type of razor, if you can call it that, I had to use alternative means.  The DE was ready to answer the call to duty.  Although I was a bit apprehensive to let it go in for the kill, dont need a missing brow or brow skin.

No worry, I still have all the skin and hair where it is supposed to be.  As well as a nice defined apace between my brow.  The dreaded uni-brow is gone for now, but soon another will develop and the DE will have to rise to the occasion again.  I dont think I will ever use my straight.  Thats too much blade for such a small and delicate area.  Although my brows did look good after having them waxed, I think the DE will be just fine.  I never again will put my brows through the wax treatment, wasnt really my choice the first time either now that I think of it.  She just kind of sprang it on me.  Hate when that happens.

The Shaver.


One comment on “Shaved my brow with the DE

  1. msr says:

    Oh dear. Not sure how to even respond. TMI?

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