The Big Two Zero, shave 20

Well I have now hit a double ten shaving experience today,

Today was the big 20th shave.  I know it has been much-anticipated and my fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats for a few days anxiously awaiting the post online.  Well know you can sit back and relax, it’s here.  Today was a momentous occasion in more than just one way, it was also a remarkable display of shaving fortitude.

I had been taking a break from the old straits for a while for a few reasons.  They ranged from having a new DE and wanting to put it to use, to a lack luster feeling over my darling straits.  So I used the DE with some good experience, in that it is faster and I just wanted to play with my new shaving tool, or toy, however you may see it.  It was back to business today.  Mainly I finally just had some time to my self to enjoy shaving and be alone with my sharpest acquaintance.

Today was also a nice time to just sit, well stand, back and just enjoy a nice shave.  Have been having a lot of poo poo going on in my life and I just needed to get away.  So away I have gotten and to a shave I have been relaxing.  I think I was yearning for my straight for a couple of days now but just didnt have the time or wasnt in the right mind-set to do so.  Every thing just fell into place today, I had a few hours to digress a bit from the week, and had some time alone to properly prep to shave.

I just felt something different today about straight shaving.  It was more of a comfort need than an actual requirement to shave.  I wanted to shave, as weird as that may seem, I just needed that deathly piece of cold steel against my ever so delicate skin.  Hmm, might make a great start harlequin novel.  Never mind.

As for the prep, I did the ritualistic stropping and a shower to prep for my awaiting friend to do his dirty work.  I must say that I have really enjoyed my paddle strop.  It must be that it doesnt give when I whisk the razor across it.  I have been getting a much more defined edge on my razor I think, just seems to slice and dice my whiskers better.  As I am on the road I dont have the best of the best with me for facial preparation for cropping the two-day growth appearing on my face.

I have my backup equipment with me, as I have a new brush at home I have my old one with me though.  So no more boars hair for my face, designated for the ladybugs legs from here on out, thats another post for later.  I love my canister for my soap, just something about a shiny piece of metal that looks so cool.  At any rate got all lathered up, not the best I have had, but it was still nice to have a comforting feeling on the face.  Aside from ladybug touching my face, I think a nice lather is a one of those great feelings.  Ok, I keep getting side tracked, back to the shave.

The old Prima came thru today.  It was in its prime today, if it had a face it would have had a game on it.  From the first stroke to the last it just kept going and going.  I just couldnt stop how well it did today.  I guess I had a hand in it as well.  My touch was spot on, and I didnt pressure the blade into doing anything it didnt want to.  I did one pace wtg and one atg.  If I say so, I think I clean up pretty good, is that a bit narcissistic?  Oh well, I dont care if I have to look good, it just comes to me.

Aside from being self-absorbed, I think that I feel great after this shave.  I even got super close on my chin without feeling the burn after.  It was kind of weird, the blade just went where it wanted to.  I literally felt like I was just holding on to the blade and it was guiding me instead of me guiding it.  Was cool, it was a peak in my lately plateau in straight shaving.  I think there is something to be said for taking a break once in a while for any one given task.  The DE has been a nice and welcome change.  Helped me to just enjoy shaving even when I dont have a bunch of time.  Let me refocus a bit so I can come back to straights renewed in a way.

After shave was nice, no long-lasting sting.  I think you will feel a sting regardless of what you use.  The pores are open for business and like to let you know that you are trying to close them up.  As long as it is a short tingle and not a long burn, you are doing ok with shaving.  I am glad today went so well as life has been so hectic, I needed something familiar to come back to and enjoy.  Something to slow me down again.

So till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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