Double your fun, DE shave 4

Shaving with a DE is like the old double mint gum commercials,

Double your pleasure, double your fun.  They should have used the DE in their ads.  Today was just a regular shave for work day.  I have been more and more getting into the habit of shaving at night now.  I figure since the shaves last longer with the DE, or the straight for that matter, that I can shave at night and have one less thing to do in the morning.  So far it has worked out to my advantage.

I have been getting DE shaving down much faster than the straight, probably because it is designed to be easier to use.  At the same time I still find much enjoyment with shaving with it as well.  It is a mix of nostalgia and a comfortable shaving experience that never leaves me with out a smile.  I love this guy, it is the perfect tool for shaving.  Dont get me wrong, I love my straights, but I am still not proficient enough with them to be my daily shaver.

As for the shave, it was good.  No nick, no blood, no burn.  It just feels like it glides on your face, cant tell the blade even contacts my skin.  It is such a great feeling.  I read on the forum some one said, when shaving your concentrating on cutting down the whiskers gradually, not all in one shot.  So I have been doing that.  First pass to just knock them down, and second pass to get that oh so smooth feeling.  Seems to be working for me any way.

As for the after shave, no burn.  I think, as long as I dont jinks myself, my days of horrible shaves are behind me.  Its onto shaving utopia.  I can envision it now, smooth faces, sharp edges, every one just getting along.  Such bliss.  Probably not every ones idea of paradise, but it works for me.

Till next time, cant wait for the next DE shave.



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