First blade down, DE shave 5

Well I finished off my first blade today,

Having felt some slight drag today with my DE I decided that it was the last shave on this blade.  Sad to see the poor guy go, but I wore him out.  There is only so much you can do with so little a blade.  Alas this is to be so, disposable blades are at the heart of a DE.

Not much out of the ordinary besides that you feel a slight drag when the blade starts to dull.  It doesnt seem a s smooth or close a shave.  I am not going to chance scrapping my face for sake of extending the life of a blade that cost little to nothing.  I am all for stretching a buck and saving our landfills, but there is some things that you just know when they have to be thrown out.  Used blades is defiantly one of them.  Look at it this way, it is a single blade that will rust away and return to the ground.  There is no plastic or other materials going to waste.

The shave was good, still on the road so still using my back up stuff.  Even with backup it is quite nice shaving.  I like the DE, gives a nice quick shave that is enjoyable to partake in.  I only did wtg this time for times sake.  My beard did grow back sooner than if I had done atg, but it was till a great shave that lasted all day.  The aftershave was typical now, no burn past a quick sting.

As uneventful as it may sound, I am still very pleased with my DE.  Gives me the fun time shaving when I want it, without having to break out the straight when time doesnt permit.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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