Beard Growth, DE shave 6

Took some time off of shaving for a couple of days,

It got a little scratchy so off to cutting I went.  Like the straight, the DE had absolutely no problem cutting off a 3 days growth.  I am pleased as punch how it came out.  To be honest I didnt even need a shave.  Been having a stress filled week and wanted something to calm down with.  So I turned yet again to my razor, so odd how shaving can actually be calming.

Started with a shower, dried of my body, wiped of the glass, opened the door, re-wiped off the glass.  Then I started my lather, applied it, and started in on shaving.  It went great, also had a fresh blade on it as well.  Just glided down my face as it always has.  Didnt feel a tug, pull, pinch, scrape, or gouge any where.  It was just a nice shave.  Couldnt as for more.

It was kind of late so I only did one pass, but it got mostly bbs with the one pass.  I have noticed as of late that my skin has looked different and felt different since starting wet shaving.  It seems firmer and more resilient.  Not so much thicker, but has a firmness to it.  My whiskers seem to act a bit different now, more compliant.  I still have the one or two pimples here and there, but from my face that is to be expected.  What I havent had in a while now is an ingrown hair, so nice.  Those things suck, glad to be rid of them.

All in all it was a good shave night.  Nothing bad, nothing outstanding, just good relaxing time.  I think next I will use my straight again, got some spare time and havent used it in a bit.  I will let you know how I go.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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