Make up time, DE shave 8 and 9

Well I have some make up posting to do,

So in the interest of time I will do a two for one special today.  Time being that I cant remember the events separately with great detail since it has been a few days.  Nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular happened any way, so I will post the mundane shaving experience in the most action packed, thrilling, and motivating way I can.

So there I was, grasping my towel and drying off from a show just completed moments before.  I avoided drying of my beard with razor-sharp accuracy.  I then took the long and treacherous journey over the many slippery tiles.  Over the vast expanse that is the floor of the bathroom and arrived at the threshold of the familiar edge of the shallow bowl of the sink.  I very quickly but gently acquired my soap and shave brush and single-handedly turned on the hot water.  From there it was starting to feel routine, or was it.  This shave could be the best I ever had, or could be the most daring.  I could lose a limb, I could loose a nose.  I was read to expect the unexpected, ready to face fear in the face.

So as I lathered up I as usual placed the lather on the face, from there I picked up the DE and started to shave.  But wait, oh know, how can this be.  I, I, I……….I am still enjoying this shave just as I have enjoyed the first one, got ya didn’t I.  Nothing to outstanding, there was no loss life, thank goodness or this posting would be kind of creepy.  As for the 9th shave, ditto as above.  Well maybe less dramatic, shave 8 could was quite a hair-raising experience.

So there ya have it, all caught back up to date.  You might notice that my DE numbers jumped magically from 6 to 8 and 9.  I counted the hybrid shave as shave 7 but just didnt put it in the title.  So not to worry, my kindergarten math skills are still in place, although they do leave me from time to time.  I can never figure a tip out correctly.

As for my future postings, bear with me.  At this time in my life a lot of junk is going on and I have to deal with them as a priority.  Also I am going back to college online, so that is also going to take up some of my time.  So family, life stuff, and school, then shaving.  I know, one might think I would put shaving first, but I do have to have some sense of normal priority’s.  At any rate, I thank all of you for staying tuned.  Even with the lack of post’s lately the blog gets a steady stream every day.  So cool.

Till the next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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