Hi all,

Well I have some scuttlebutt to spread around.  Literally about a scuttle.  To sailors this would be a drinking fountain, to gossipers a rumor, but to us shavers it is a dream.  As I am a former sailor and now wet shaver I find humor in the shared name.  At any rate, I received my long-awaited Christmas gift in the mail last night.  My ladybug ordered this thing in december, but they were in such demand this past year that they were a little back logged.  I can say that it was worth the wait.

The scuttle is affectionately called the Dirty Bird.  Named after the company that makes they, Dirty Bird Potter.  I had put this down on my Christmas list as I requested the larger of the two sizes.  My goodness was I surprised at the size.  This sucker is huge, I mean huge.  I love it.  It’s like a nice heavy piece of machinery that feels like it will out last your life.  This will definitely be an heirloom.

As for lathering, oh what a dream it is.  It has groves made into the bowl part that grabs the soap and helps whip it up as you swirl the brush around.  It rocks to say the least.  Plus its keeps you lather nice and warm to boot.  I love the fact that these are hand-made in the USA too.  They may take longer to receive in the mail as each one seems to be specially made for you, but it is definitely worth the wait.

I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend this scuttle to any one.  Great job Dirty Bird Pottery, great job indeed.  This is one satisfied scuttle owner.  Here is the pick of what one I received.



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