Wood soap bowl

Well I went back to the local I got my rosewood box,

While there I decided that I wanted a matching wood bowl to put my soap it, rather than just putting it in a cup.  Also I knew my new scuttle was on its way and wanted to have the soap in a separate dish.  So off exploring I went.

I had seen these dishes before but didn’t think twice until I got home after the fact.  I found several but none that fit the bill.  So I kept on the hunt till I found one that I thought would work.  So I ran across this one that was nice a wide to fit a puck of Wool Fat, just not sure of the height.  Well when I got home I put it to the test.  It is a little shallow to have the lid and soap in it, so just the soap and no lid.  But it does still look nice.  So I will keep it.  Just will have to put the lid on once it gets used a bit.  Have a look.

And here it is next to the box.

Enjoy, the Shaver.



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