Pick-me-up, DE Shave 10

Well I think its DE shave 10 any way,

We will call it number 10 and move on with our lives, I hope I wasn’t keeping you in too much suspense lately.  I have been away, back home, and away again.  So now I am on some time off and let the old beard grow out.  Actually had almost a week’s growth by today.  Was getting nice and bushy, that and it itched like the dickens.  So this morning was time to shave off the past week of problems and stress.  So off we go to a stress cutting exercise.

Life has been so hectic I can hardly tell up from down, but at least I can still tell the difference between shaving grains.  Today was a nice shave day, just went smooth with no irritation.  I took a shower, got all nice a soaked in the facial hair area, dried of every where but the beard.  Re-soaked my face once I got my lather going just for good measure, havent ever shaved a beard this bushy yet with my DE.  I have to say I was even more impressed today than I have been before with my razor.  It just sliced through the hairs like hot butter.  Didnt even feel a single tug or pull.  Boy was it nice.

The first round was with the grain and really I could have just left it at that.  My face looked really good after that pass.  I have to say my skin is defiantly starting to look a ton better since I first started wet shaving.  I only have the occasional pimple, and it is very minimal.  My skin seems tighter and just looks better in appearance.  Needless to say today looked the same.  Did a single pass of against the grain for good measure as well.  That went well too, just a little dry, need to add more water to the lather after it sits a while.

Still havent used the new scuttle, separated from it for a few more days.  I will get back to you as soon as I have the details.  So for now its still a shave, by the way a haircut as well.  But they were two separate events.  So no two bits today.  Well that is it for now, shaver out.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next DE shave.



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