Could have been good

Well I have some cool and bad news,

I went out to the antique stores today to find me an old straight razor.  I was in the mood to fix one up.  So I set out in high hopes of finding a few.  Come to find out, people dont carry these things as much as I thought they would.  Out of about ten stores I found one razor.  It was quite discouraging for a straight razor hunt.  So I took the one I could find and off I went.

It was a nice blade at one point, but had been seriously neglected these past 10 or so years, maybe longer.  It is a Joseph Allen and Sons NON XLL.  It had some nice scales at one point, mother of pearl.  But they were badly cracked and missing large chunks.  So I thought I would use this has a rehab project.  Fun right, uh well fun yes, productive no.

I got it home and couldn’t wait to get started.  I first wanted to strip it of its old and broken past by removing the cruddy scales.  Of they came with out a hitch.  Next was the objective of cleaning the blade.  May I first pose a question to all you readers out there.  What first comes to mind when you have a small piece of metal that you want to polish.  Wait for it, wait for it, there it is, the first thing that popped in your head.  Thats right, a Dremel tool.  Well that is what I thought as well, what else would a person use.  At least that is what I thought.

For one thing if you ever use a dremel on a blade dont free hand it.  Make sure the blade is firmly placed on a flat surface.  This is where I went badly wrong, so wrong.  I was holding the blade in one hand and the dremel in the other.  I had the brush going nicely just until it got to the edge and grabbed the blade and took off.  It didnt get me, but it sure as hell got the blade.  It put a nice nick in the old XLL and cracked the metal.  I literally wanted to cry, I mean I could feel the tears.  My baby, my brand old new baby.  I was going to care for her and make her all new again.  Well so much for that.  The razor protective services should probably come and take her away from me.

So as I sit here sulking and typing I wonder, how am I to polish a blade with out a dremel.  Perhaps I will never know, but I am on the hunt for another blade.  This next time I will keep in mind that I can really do some damage in a new york minuet.  I will have to report back after tomorrow, im on the hunt yet again.  I think word might get around and they will stop selling me razors since I damage them.  Oh well, live and learn, at least it was only eight bucks.

The Shaver


One comment on “Could have been good

  1. DLB says:

    Of course, you do know that a Joseph Allen XXL is worth about $400 restored! Just kidding.

    Sorry that it happened but it made for a good blog. I hope it is not bad luck to laugh at someone else’s misfortune. Sad but funny at the same time.

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