Smooth Sailing, DE shave 30

Another milestone in the shaving world,

Today the Shaver has hit the big 30.  30 DE shaves to date, well I would call it 30.1.  I used the brow DE as well, counts for .1 of a shave.  Things are looking up for my shaving skills as of late, im knocking on my wood desk as I type.  I am really happy with these past couple shaves.  As you can tell, shave 29 was quite a joyous occasion in my shaving world.  Shave number 30 is continuing that trend of shavetasticness.

Today held two shaves but not in the same way as most.  I did use two razors, but only in certain areas.  You can probably guess which ones and where by what I recently purchased.  Thats right, the brow razor and my EJ.  So much shaving going round that I might have taken off more than I wanted if not careful, thankfully all is in tact.  As for the brow razor, I like it, does the job.  All trimmed and proper now.  I didnt even used soap, just a dab of water and off went the hairs between the eyes.  If you have an extra hairy brow, such as myself, I recommend you add this razor to your collection.

Now for the big shave, my face.  It was just like the last shave, apparently I found my sweet spot with the razor.  The angles and pressure and soap and everything just seemed in tune once again.  The lather is great lately too, lots of soap and just a little water makes for a perfect mix, and I mean a little water, just a few drops.  But I like it on the thicker side as well.

There was zero irritation and only a couple small bleeders, always seems to be there on my neck no matter what.  Nothing that the new Shave Rock couldn’t handle.  That was anther highly recommended buy, if not just an alum block as well.  It was so much nicer having a bigger alum block to just rub on my face instead of a small pencil like object just meant for touch ups.  It helped a lot with any redness and any bleeding.  Love this thing.

So things are looking sharper and smoother for my future, I hope this is a trend that will last a life time.  I know there will be ups and downs, but for now im loving this up.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



That’s nice, DE shave 29

Ah a great shave morning,

This is a day delayed, but it must be told.  This is a tale of humble and sometimes tragic beginnings.  The ups and downs that lead to the best part of any journey.  A journey that once set to find, then found, the rejoice in finding the found objective, how sweet it is.  Todays shave, if you cant tell, was pretty much nothing short of fantastic shave awesomeness.  Now I have had my good and better shaves before that I have labeled as awesome, but today things just went like never before.

From the first touch of the razor to the last bit of stubble, I tell you what it was like harmony.  The soap was at its peak latherieness, the blade at its finest.  When you have two clashing tones that meld into one singular note that explodes into a symphony that rhapsodies your face in a pure melodic crescendo to its climactic fortissimal ending.  This was a darn good shave.

I would equate it to honeymoon activities, but any of us that have been on married for any length of time know that things get better with time, well this was one of those times that things just were well-practiced and the moment had come to sheer pleasure.  Well as much as it can be had with shaving your face.  Well not like it felt exactly like I do when performing such topics as before mentioned.  Im not that weird.  Just like symbolism, thats all.  You get my point.

I dont know what it was or what I could pin it down to that made this shave so great.  It was a multitude of shaving events that lead to this perfect moment in the den.  I tell you what, it was like the stars aligned, an eclipse happened and all the planets were in perfect order, all at the same time.  Enough with the creative writing all ready you say, ok I will get to the shave.

So did the shower, get the lather going and then grab the razor.  The lather just went good, I have been putting more and more soap on the brush before getting it all sudsy in the scuttle.  Seems to have worked, just a couple of drops of water and lots of soap and swirling.  This was the first indication of a great shave, the lather felt so goooooooood.  After that I took to the razoring.  I just held the perfect angle all the way across every centimeter of my face for the first WTG pass.  Then the same for XTG then finally came the biggest surprise.  Against the grain was the smoothest ever, no scrapping, no pulling, no burning.  Never have had this before.  Plus my chin was clean, I mean really clean.  So clean you could eat a mini meal on it and not have a whisker touch your food, clean.

After all that I decided to try out the other nivea products I have purchased in the past, just the regular replenish balm today.  It didnt burn, sting or make me scream in pain while applying it.  It just went on and felt great.  I hope this keeps happening, it was so great.  I am here tell you that it can and will happen for you if it hasn’t already.  The difference with me versus some is that I have to shave every day for my job, so I get daily practice.

I can only wish the same for every one else seeking what I have found today, shaving utopia bliss.  Have fun finding it, I have been.  It will only get even better from here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Just in, more shave stuff

Just got some more stuff in the mail,

Nothing to exciting, but I was wanting to try out some cheap gear.  Some stuff I needed, most I didnt.  I ordered four different items, blades, brow razor, and a huge styptic pencil.  I haven’t put any of it to use, so stay tuned for further review of the new stuff.  This order came from one of my quickly becoming favorite shave stores, West Coast Shaving.  They have some of the best prices I can find and ship supper fast.  With out further delay here is a group picture of the shave gear.

Lets start like we read the English language, left to right.  Never knew you were going to get a lesson on reading did you?  That little guy over on the left is the Merkur Moustache and Brow trimmer.  Seeing how I dont have a stache, that only leaves my gangly unibrow.  It will help to keep things trimmed and separated.  Speaking of separating things, I think I will put it to use in the morning.  The head is larger on one side and tapers down on the other for fine tuning those extra hairy situations.  The head looks like a goofy triangle, here is a close up.

Here is a shot of the little guy that will be serving a big job in my shave den.

On to the next item, or shall I say items.  I have for a bit now been wanting to try out different razors.  I didnt want to try the bad with the good, so I ordered just the good.  This was called the choice pack over at West Coast Shaving.  It came with Crystal, Feather, Durby, Astra and Personna blades.  I have only used the Durby blades at this point, so I dont think I will use them up till I have tried the rest.  Here is a close up of the blades.

Finally the one needed item that started this who shopping expedition.  The big ol’ styptic pencil, well not really.  Styptic pencils are just for travel for the most part, or just for touch up areas where you are bleeding.  This guy is more of an after shave, witch is what I was using the pencil more and more for.  But with the small size of the pencil, it gets used up fairly quick like.  I had seen this before but didnt realize that it could be used for an after shave till recently.  What this is actually made out of is natural crystals, Alum.  It stops the burning, helps to heal up your face and stops the bleeding.  This guy has its own web site if you want to see it, .  Again I got this from West Coast Shaving, and the best price there as well.  Here is a pick of the beast.

There you have it for now.  Once I get using these products I will be reviewing them as I go in my shaving post’s.  Just keep checking in from time to time.  Happy Shaving.

The Shaver


Just a shave, DE shave 27 & 28

Just another couple of shaves,

I will start with this, not every shave is just a shave when wet shaving.  They all vary from “WOW” to “OW”.  These two in particular are neither, just a nice morning shave.  Aside from my face still trying to decide how it wants to do due to the weather, they were ok shave mornings.  To say the least it is nice having a morning routine that I can look forward to even on my grumpiest of mornings.  Gives me a pickup to start off my day.

For shave 27, well noting to report.  Mainly because it was two days ago and all I can remember now is that it was ok.  Sorry to disappoint on this one my dearly devoted readers.  Like all the rest, I showered lathered and shaved.  I did notice the blade starting to dull and decided that was the last time I could shave on that blade.  It did give a little pull here and there and left the under side of my neck a bit red, but it went away.  Balm fixes all rashes, even the nasty ones.

Now on to shave 28.  I didnt put any effort or want to into this shave.  I had to take ladybug into the hospital the night before and didnt get back home to bed till 1 a.m.  Needless to say I was bushed, tired, not wanting to shave.  Alas I must shave for work come 5 hours later.  Did the quick shower since slept in past the 5 hour mark, then lathered up.  I was in a hurry and very tired, plus the mirror would keep fogging up over and over no matter what I did.  So I just said what the heck, and did two passes WTG and ATG.  Called it good and went to work.  Good thing I got off early because I looked like crud.  The 5 O’clock shadow showed up around lunch time.  Thank goodness my boss was understanding and left me off the hook for the rest of the day.

So there you have it, another couple of shaving adventure, as minor as they are.  I hope to have some new products in the mail that I can show you soon.  Stand by to stand by.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.

Change in weather, DE shave 26

I dearly dislike weather changes,

Not the ones day-to-day, but the seasonal ones.  With it comes nice spring weather that I love, but a face that I loathe.  Every change of season my face decides to go on strike, this time is no different.  With spring just around the corner, my face is already starting to bud, literally.  Between the itching and the just plain annoying pimples, I feel like a teenager again two to three times a year.  Not in a good way either.

As I am battling my face from one, a rough straghts shave and the weather, I am not looking forward to the next week or so.  Once every thing gets adjusted my skin calms down and goes back to normal, but right now its on red alert and every one else can tell.  Its not razor burn, just my face, thanks for noticing.  Aside from all of this the shaving is going great.  Im back to normal with my EJ and just put in an order for a variety of blades.  Want to see if any of the other companies are good or bad.  I like the ones I have now, and it is convenient that I can just go down to the local store and get them, but Im always game for something new.  I ordered some other goodies but will post later about them.

As for the shave today, well it was ok.  Been working hard on paying attention to the angles and it is paying off.  I was dragging like crazy this morning and still dont think Im fully away and aware.  Scary since I drove to work and flew today, btw I fly as crew and work on planes for a living.  At least I wasn’t the pilot, although they dont do much any way, jut follow the computer and no one will get hurt.  Aside from ragging on pilots, it was a good day.  Right, back to the shaving since that is what this is all about.

Did the normal ritual, and got some really nice lather going this morning.  I have been practicing my lathirability and I think I have been finding a nice mix.  It is all in how much water is in the mix, to little and its to dry, too much and you are just having a bubble bath on your face.  Today was lathertastic, which made the shave go nicely.  All in all it didnt look the greatest since I really wasnt awake at the time of the incident, but it was good for work.

One bad thing I did today was to manage to create a gusher on my neck.  I guess I pinched my skin in the razor, that is what it felt like any way, and away went the blood.  Took forever to clot and then forever to clean up.  Wasnt sure if I was going to have to stop by the Doc today to get some gauze for this sucker.  eventually it did stop, once I got to work thankfully.  But I do have another battle wound for a while.  It was so strange, oh well.  Not much else to report, happy shaving.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Back at it, Shave 22

Well I had some time this weekend,

I put that time to good use behind a straight this morning before church.  I would like to report that it was the best thing ever, but due  to my lacking of shaving with my straights it was just an ok shave.  It was a good reminder of why I need to keep up with it.  If you dont do it, you loose.  defiantly have lost some of it.

I did the usual prep, nice hot shower, dry off minus my face, get out the scuttle and lather up.  I guess before the shower I stropped the Black Micarta a few times to sharpen it up.  After the prep came the clumsy hands.  It was like I was starting over again, almost.  I didnt cut and nick myself, but didnt get the closest shave ever.  I did get hair off though, the stubble in the sink proved that, so I didnt lose it all.  My main focus was to just do it, not looking for anything pretty.  Although I dont think any shave will leave me looking pretty.

One thing I do notice is the differences between my straights, I think I like my first straight better.  I have never been able to get a very good shave with the Micarta.  Nothing against the razor, as others have had great success, it just doesnt work well for me.  So I think I will get my other old razors sharpened up for fun and try them out.

Sorry nothing too exciting to report, still have all my blood and appendages.  Had a bit of razor burn but that was to be expected with my lack of time being put into my straight shaving as of late.  This week some night I think I will give it another shot.  Going to have to, my DE shaves have surpassed my straights in numbers, cant have that.  This is after all a straight shaving blog.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Something New and Something Old, DE shave 24 & 25

This is a sudo comparison of new v.s. old razors,

Although these particular razors are in separate classes of their own, I will try my best to keep things similar.  For a brief back story on my old razor purchase, well I got one.  I have been cruising eBay lately in search of an older razor.  My first search started for an early Gillette style razor, the 3 piece style.  Found a couple, but they are so outrageously priced on eBay I gave up and will just still with antique stores.  Just need to go when there open.  At any rate I did pick up a Gillette razor eventual, a mid 60’s butterfly style.  The only reason I wanted this one is because it’s the adjustable kind.  Im not a fan of the butterfly DE Gilletes, just dont like the way the head looks.  But since it wasnt being bid up into insane land I put my bid in the hat.  I eventually did win, and for about $25 shipped.  I figure for a vintage Gillette adjustable I didn’t do to bad.  For any other that would be too much, aside from getting a great deal on a new style razor.

It took me a couple of days to put it into service since it was not clean when I got it.  It wasnt like it was lying around in some dirt and tarnished over the years, but it still had soap scum on it.  Not wanting to pick up some wierd disease I scrubbed it and then gave it a vinegar bath to kill of the germs, ladybug gave me the vinegar idea.  Needless to say it turned out great, even a little shinier than I thought it would.  Had some sort of green gunk on it and the scrubbing took care of that too.  Here is a picture of it next to my EJ,

You can see the basic design hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s still a DE.  But there are some differences between them.  The EJ is a heavier razor and I appreciate that when it comes to shaving.  I feel I had to use a bit of pressure with the Gillette so that it would slice the whiskers correctly.  But again this is an adjustable so I just dialed it in and out till I found the right setting and then I was happy.  Still had to use some pressure, but was happy non-the less.  The biggest difference in the shave is the passes I think, I had to do more passes with the Gillette than I did the EJ, but again I still was figuring out the setting I needed.

For the rest of the razor I really liked.  I am not a fan of the looks of the butterfly type Gillettes, or others for that matter, but I can see its function over the form.  You just twist the bottom part of the handle and the top of the head splits open and you take out the old blade and plop in a new one, the closest thing to a cartridge razor you can get with out using one.  Here is a pic of it open,

That part is very nice, as for the adjusting part, still not 100% sold on that.  I can see the usefulness, but in all reality I think most fixed head razors like my EJ are at the right gap any way.  How does the adjusting work?  Just under the head is a dial with numbers, 1-9.  One being the smallest setting, 9 being the largest.  What it is adjusting is the gap between the blade and the bar, opening or closing the gap.

I eventually settled on setting of 4 and called it good.  It did give a good shave, and actually it was pretty comfortable.  No burn or pulling with it, might take into account the fact that you can customize you shave a bit with this razor too.  Since Im not completely head over heals for this razor, I will use it for travel.  Ultimately that was my goal any way, one for home and one for travel.  Plus the Gillette is cheaper so if something happens to it I wont be as mad as if I lost my EJ.  So there you have it, the comparisons of the two razors.  As for the shaving well I guess I can get into that as well.

The 24th shave was nice since I was using my EJ again, not the slant.  My face was recovering from the prior slant shave so I did have some small irritation to deal with.  All in all it was a nice shave, kind of rushed since I was late for work, but good non the less.  Mapping out my face has helped out tremendously with getting a closer shave.  I highly recommend running your hand over your face after your first pass with the razor to see where you need to touch up on your second if not third round.  Also seems to make things more comfortable when you know the grains, not just passing over and over an area without doing any good.

For the 25th, the initial Gillette shave, it went ok.  It was a learning experience so I am sure the next one will be much better, but I wont find out till my next over night at work.  It seems like the head is shaped a bit differently so I used some steeper angles when shaving and it did just fine.  Also finding the sweet spot for the gap helped out as well.  I liked the shave it gave me and felt a bit nostalgic using it being it is the oldest razor I have ever used.  That made it a bit fun.  The results were smooth and not irritation as well.  If I run across one for cheap in a shop some where I would pick one up again.  Just for kicks if nothing else.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.